UK National Average Wages 2011

A new infographic has been released that gives budding doctors, lawyers, journalists, graphic designers and even musicians a greater idea about their future earning potential. Put together by Blackburn College, the design shows information about a range of careers, including a bit about what the roles involve and what kind of starting salaries they can offer. You may be surprised regarding the large variations in Salary depending on what type of career you choose to take.

I think this is a great graphical representation so I wanted to share this with you. I think its very important to plan your career as early as possible. Naturally you shouldn’t choose a career purely because it pays a better wage but wages do need to be taken into consideration.


Infographic National Average Wage Pharmacists Doctor Solicitor Marketing Manager Accountant Police Officer Journalist Music Firefighter Graphic Designer Retail Manager Know Your Way

This infographic has been provided by Blackburn College to raise awareness around further education.

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