10 Things You Can Do in less Than 60 Seconds To Drive Traffic To Your Content

This video actually covers 17 things you can do after every blog post & drive traffic to your site.

When you create a post, normally the ideal goal is get page 1 rankings, to get instant traffic via social media and to increase awareness in your niche.

These 17 steps highlighted in the video cover building a sound foundation to achieve all of the above scenarios.

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I would like to challenge you to do 10 of the 17 promotional tasks mentioned after your next blog post and see the difference that it makes to your page rankings and traffic.

Here are some things I would suggest to do after every blog post :

  1. ping.fm if you dont have an account then you can find someone on fiverr.com that will create one for you with all working accounts in the ping.fm system. If you use wordpress then the shorten to ping plugin can automate the posting to ping.fm
  2. onlywire.com …Same as above, you can find someone that will create all the accounts on onlywire for you for five bucks!
  3. Facebook.. Post a link and brief description onto facebook, you can use the su.pr plugin if using wordpress and that will automate the process for you as well as automating the post to Twitter and stumbleupon.
  4. Twitter …see above
  5. hellotxt…this is similar to ping.fm and onlywire. You can add your sites RSS feed in the hellotxtx dashboard and that will automate the process and yes you can get onlywire accounts set up on fiverr.com too:)
  6. Socialmonkee.com – you can get 25 free backlinks every day here and it takes less than 60 seconds to do
  7. SOCIAL ADR..This is similar to socialmonkee, you get 10 free links each day, again takes less than a minute to do.
  8. STUMBLEupon – posting here will be a benefit to your post getting indexed fast and getting traffic if its picked up by the stumbleupon community, it is also a valuable SEO link to have.
  9. DELICIOUS – As above, great value in delicious links.
  10. DIGG – I have seen Digg links in the top ten multiple times after using it to bookmark posts.
  11. DOC SHARING – Create a PDF from your blog post and post it to scribd.com It may sound like a ton of work but its really fast to do and scribd ranks highly in the search engines. There are 25 doc sharing sites that you can post to through a gig on fiverr.com
  12. BLOG NETWORK – Again on fiverr.com you can find sellers who will create quality web 2.0 blog networks. Otherwise you can create your own mini one but for the time it takes I like to use fiverr and focus on creating better quality content.
  13. VIDEO – If you dont know how to create a video then check out animoto.com, its simple to use and you get high quality animated videos in just a few minutes, add that to youtube with a link back to your website or even better add the video to your post as well as on youtube.
  14. EZINE ARTICLES – Submitting your article to ezine articles.com has multiple benefits. Of course there are multiple article directories that you can use and again on fiverr.com you can find people who will get your article on up to 800 directories for a measly 5 bucks.

Of course it helps to have one main keyword phrase that you are looking to get ranked for.

Did you enjoy Ten Things You Should Do After Every Blog Post To Drive Traffic To Your Content..if yes please add a comment below or suggest some other things that you think should have been included.

You can also get my list of 32 free essential wordpress plugins that I use on every site I build. This is great for wordpress users but otherwise you can head over to my blog and find more great free training videos about getting traffic and search engine marketing.


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