The Upturn. Its time to start investing again

The recession has hit us hard however from where I’m sitting I see sprouts that indicate the start of a recovery. You don’t need access to financial data to see this. I’m sitting in a pub beer garden here in the UK and every table is occupied. Each table are ordering food and drinks and the place is thriving. Pubs attract lower, middle and high class people so will reflect a broad spectrum of society. I for one see signals of an upturn. The small caps I invested in on January 2009 have made a return of 38% profit In the last 6 months. Not bad for this so called recession. Cinema attendance is up and friends and colleagues are still taking foreign holidays this year. I am increasing my small cap portfolio as there are some fantastic bargain shares out there. Its time to get back in the game my friends.

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  1. I think the recession is still hitting a lot of people really hard but others are starting to come out of it. I guess it depends on what industry you are in and where you live. Personally it has never affected me due to the nature of my work but I know a lot of people that it has hit hard. But I agree with you that it’s time to get proactive and start investing in your future no matter what is going on.

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