Lets Have The Savings!

Every day thousands of people save millions of pounds on their household bills using moneysupermarket.com. But what do people do with the money they’ve saved?  We challenged customers to make a short video to tell us what they did with their savings.

Think you’re funny? Why not take part in the Let’s Have the Savings viral campaign and you could win £500. Another great way to clear those debts and become financially free.

There are 3 steps to be eligible to win £500
1) Think of a fun way to spend your savings
2) Capture your video (dont forget to say “lets have the savings”)
3) Upload to YouTube and drop an email to moneysupermarket.com (more details on the website)

The video with the most views wins the money!

Why do you save? To spend of course!!! – check out how these smart folk have saved oodles of cash on their household bills – Let’s Have the Savings!

Why not head over to http://www.letshavethesavings.com now and take a look at the vidoes and even submit your own for a chance to win that cash.

Good luck!

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