Co-op Bank Thank You

Isnt it about time that banks started appreciating their customers for a change ?

With the global recession we are in a situation where many banks have been close to the edge of failure. Some banks such as RBS and Lloyds TSB have been bailed out by us “the tax payer”, ultimately their own customers.

It is now a time for banks to appreciate their customers, to retain their customers and to tailor their products to customer needs.

I was reading an interesting article the other day about how The Co-operative Bank has decided to thank its customers for the recent Which? Award for being Best Financial Services Provider by singing them a ‘thank you’ song. I thought Id let you know as it brought a smile to my face.

The song, named ‘Thank You’ was written by Richard Coulson especially for The Co-operative Bank and was sung by a group of 50 Co-operative Bank employees from Manchester, Skelmersdale and Stockport. The cheery song praises The Co-operative Bank’s customers and thanks them for their constant support.
The singers recruited from all parts of the organisation include Guy Herrington (Director of Marketing), Ryan Williams (Communication Manager), Lynn Finney (Compliance), Rebecca Warner (Claims Advisor) and Christopher Billett (Customer Service).

Check out the video below or click on this link to see them in action – Co-op Bank Video

Now isnt it a breath of fresh air to see that at least one bank is starting to show some appreciation for its customers. I for one would like to see some other banks follow their lead.

Guy Herrington, Director of Marketing for The Co-operative Bank was quoted with the following “We were really impressed with the positive response from our colleagues. The atmosphere during filming was amazing and we hope our customers have as much fun watching the video as we did filming it”. We are so proud that we have been recognised as the Best Financial Services Provider by Which? We decided that instead of sending a traditional ‘thank you’ note to every customer, we should do something a little bit more tongue-in-cheek and sing a song. We are not sure that we will be getting a call from Simon Cowell some day soon but as long as our customers are happy – that’s the most important thing”.

I hope you enjoyed the video. We are edging out of the recession now folks and are on the home stretch. Join me for the ride and keep smiling, I will be.

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