Swine Flu at the Wharf

Today we have news that an employee of Waitrose in Canary Wharf, London has contracted Swine Flu. So beware City workers of London…. Soon we will start having visions of Canary Wharf as depicted in the movie 28 Days Later with zombies infected with Swine Flu occupying the city with a few lucky non infected fighting to survive..

Now I have your attention. Do any of you wish you had taken a different career path? Perhaps you’d like to have been an MP so you could live the life of luxury. I was reading an interesting story today about MPs’ expenses. A nameless Tory MP apparently claimed over £50000 in rent for a flat that was owned by his own company. Talk about a win-win situation. It amazes me how people in positions of trust have completely taken advantage of the expenses system at the expense of us tax payers. As the days go on we are hearing that a large percentage of MPs responsible for running this Country have found loopholes in their expenses system for personal gain.

Read more here –  Todays Expenses Scandal

I think people should get their priorities right personally…..

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