95% of Blogs Fail

I learnt the other day on Fox News that 95% of Blogs fail due to the amount of work thats required to keep them maintained and updated with regular content . Often this will be a one way communication channel until the blog becomes popular at which point there is likely to be more interaction from your readers via comments etc. For some bloggers this can become soul destroying with hours of work for no apparent return. Eventually the blogger will lose interest and the blog will become one of the thousands of blogs to disappear into cyberspace.

I can relate to the amount of work required to keep a blog updated. I have to apologise for the lack of updates on the millionaireblog.co.uk over the last few weeks. People need to prioritize their lives and sometimes we focus on offline tasks as well as online. I aim to keep focus on this blog and maintain this blog no matter how difficult this may be in between work, work, work, working out and socialising.

So Id like to send a message to all my fellow bloggers out there. Keep motivated and keep your blogs fresh with content. One day the work will pay off. Think of all the thousands of internet users that you can be influencing and helping going forward. Stay focused and persistent and try to allocate some time once a week for updating your blog.

If you can be in the 5% of successful blogs then you can start reaping the many rewards of blogging. Blogging is a great communication channel.

What are your views on blogging? Have any of your blogs fizzled out after lack of motivation/interest? Have you any recommendations for keeping your blog content fresh? Any recommendations for keeping yourself motivated to update your blog? Id be interested in your comments.

Chris – Millionaire Blog

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