95% of Blogs Fail

I learnt the other day on Fox News that 95% of Blogs fail due to the amount of work thats required to keep them maintained and updated with regular content . Often this will be a one way communication channel until the blog becomes popular at which point there is likely to be more interaction from your readers via comments etc. For some bloggers this can become soul destroying with hours of work for no apparent return. Eventually the blogger will lose interest and the blog will become one of the thousands of blogs to disappear into cyberspace.

I can relate to the amount of work required to keep a blog updated. I have to apologise for the lack of updates on the millionaireblog.co.uk over the last few weeks. People need to prioritize their lives and sometimes we focus on offline tasks as well as online. I aim to keep focus on this blog and maintain this blog no matter how difficult this may be in between work, work, work, working out and socialising.

So Id like to send a message to all my fellow bloggers out there. Keep motivated and keep your blogs fresh with content. One day the work will pay off. Think of all the thousands of internet users that you can be influencing and helping going forward. Stay focused and persistent and try to allocate some time once a week for updating your blog.

If you can be in the 5% of successful blogs then you can start reaping the many rewards of blogging. Blogging is a great communication channel.

What are your views on blogging? Have any of your blogs fizzled out after lack of motivation/interest? Have you any recommendations for keeping your blog content fresh? Any recommendations for keeping yourself motivated to update your blog? Id be interested in your comments.

Chris – Millionaire Blog

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  1. Sylvester Stallone gave us an advice: “Keep punchin’ ”

    I was in blog hiatus a month ago and now I’m blogging every day!

    Keep punchin’ dude!

  2. I think that stat is probably the same for any venture, be it a blog, online, offline or dieting, working out, saving money, whatever.

    But yeah, blogging is a hard way to make a living, unless you can really think of something you can offer readers that they can’t get elsewhere, and a vehicular to get new readers, and can find a way to effectively monetize the traffic when you do get it…. Oh god, its too much work just thinking about it. And that’s even before you have to think of something to write about and be interesting every single day.

  3. I agree that keeping a blog going can take up a lot of time. Normally when someone starts a blog they are really keen to get it going but to keep posting new information can wear thin over a period of time.

  4. Yes you are right. I found finding and adding relevant, fresh, useful and interesting content daily a chore especially when I didn’t get any feedback or comments.

    I found FirePow which now does it all for me.

    I have set up multiple blogs and the content is added every day from all the available sources even YouTube across all sectors and categories. It even monetises your site for you.

  5. The reason of failing on blogging that they do not keep continue their work. They have no patient in their work. We blogger should have to do our work with patient. I am working for my blog since last one year and just expecting that I can success one day.

  6. great post i really appriciate your comments it motivated me to carry on thanks : )

  7. This is all true, but 95% of that has to be dedication. Go all the way through with your ventures and you should be fine.

  8. That’s a very similar statistic to businesses in general. A huge percentage of them fail. It’s not surprising that it would be the same or even higher for blogs since they are typically a business or part of one themselves. Plus they are so easy and cheap to start that it makes them just as easy to abandon.

  9. Hey,
    You’re right, most of the blogs do not last out long, they never make it to the second year. In my opinion, it is merely because of lack of interest due to no goals or hardwork when it comes to blogging.

  10. Maintaining a blog is difficult and unless you are seeing interest in the blog or making money if that’s your concern, a blog on its own will be difficult to sustain.

  11. blogs are great but making the work for making money is a long hard dedicated road, only use this method if you are willing to put in the time

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