Places To Hire Internet Workers To Outsource Online

Id like to let you folks know about a few places that I find people to work with online projects. Outsourcing is the best way to upscale your business.

oDesk has made freelancing easy. Create a profile on their site, and post it, including information on skills and experience. Browse jobs available, and start applying. The site recommends that you start small, to get used to their system and to build up some good feedback. After that, start looking at some of the larger job opportunities available within the site. Overall, the site looks to be very easy to use, and should be considered by anyone interested in working remotely. On the flip side, it looks great for small businesses looking to hire freelancers for small to medium size jobs. Definitely worth a look.

Minute Workers
Minute Workers is a site built specifically to connect people looking to work from home, with employers looking to hire workers for small jobs and/or very small tasks that can be done remotely. By small tasks, we mean SMALL tasks, with some jobs only taking minutes to finish, and minimum payouts set to $.10 per task. For remote workers looking to control their hours though, this type of site/opportunity could be a perfect fit.

Amazon Mechanical Turk
Amazon has created a site based on the idea that there are certain types of tasks better suited to humans than computers. As a ‘mechanical turk worker’, you can work from home, choose your own work hours, and get paid for doing good work. Examples of tasks include: Selecting the correct spelling for search terms, finding the item number for a product within an image, rating search results for different keywords, choosing categories for products. While the payout for any individual task is very small, there are large numbers of tasks are available, which should make it a little easier to find projects of interest.

Elance, the world’s leading platform for online employment, helps businesses hire and manage in the cloud. Elance offers instant access to qualified freelance professionals who work online. Elance provides the tools to hire, view work as it progresses and pay for results.

People Per Hour
Every day thousands of small businesses use to hire top talent remotely for small projects or a few hours per week, allowing them to remain lean and flexible while getting the job done!


Id be interested to hear what sites you use for your outsourcing requirements.

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