Make Money By Receiving Text Messages

I stumbled upon a fantastic new start up company this week in the U.S. The concept behind the company is that they will actually Pay people to receive text messages on their mobile phone. They go by the name of cash texts.  The site is completely FREE to sign up. The company make all of their money from the Advertisers.

Understand more by watching this marketing video explaining the concept:


Think of Group On where you are sent daily deals to your smart phone however there is a twist. You actually get paid for receiving these text messages. And you are not obliged to read them either. You may however find that you find a discount from one of the advertisers that you actually use. So either way you cant lose out.

And there is more…

For those Affiliate Marketers out there there is the potential to earn hundreds of thousands of pounds in revenue. When you sign up you have the ability to get your own referrals. You will actually be paid when each of those referrals receives text messages along with up to 4 further levels of referrals below them.

To break this down let me give an example:

10 people $75.00 per month. (how easy should it be to get 10 of your friends signed up)
100 People $750.00 per month. (each friend gets 10 referrals)
1000 People $7500.00 per month. (skys the limit)

Now how is that for an Automated Income. Cash Texts is actually going to be hitting the U.K market soon so I suggest you start building up your referrals now.

If you are reading this and you are based in the U.S then Cash Texts is fully in operation and you could be earning revenue now!

The company is only allowing signup to their website by Invitation Only currently however at Millionaire Blog I have managed to get a special invite code into the network. This is a chance to start building out our network together to cash in on this fantastic new startup. Once you are signed up add me to your facebook and we can discuss further ways we can market the product to increase revenue for everyone in our network.

For your Special Invitation into Cash Texts just click on the image below. What have you got to lose? Its free and you make money.


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