How to Explode your Marketing on Twitter with Tweet Attacks

Hi folks. I’ve been playing with a new tool over the last few days called Tweet Attacks. This tool is dominating the internet marketers scene currently owing to the massive power this application gives you. The fantastic thing about Tweet Attacks is that it doesn’t use the Twitter API. Therefore as it stands you are unlikely to be banned by Twitter for using it.


Twitter has a massive customer base. There are literally millions of potential customers on Twitter at any time during the day. Surely there must be a way we can take advantage of these customers. Well there is… and this is where Tweet Attacks comes in. This application is absolutely mind blowing.


Here are a number of functions you can perform with Tweet Attacks:

  • Build thousands of followers without worrying about API limits
  • Post and queue thousands of tweets to drip feed out to your followers
  • Make money with twitter either with or without followers
  • Automate twitter marketing campaigns without setting off alarm bells or getting noticed
  • Reply to thousands of users looking for your niche products on autopilot
  • Protect your account from getting banned
  • Anti Spam Filter built into the application means you only contact real people
  • Use An Unlimited Number of  TwitterAccounts
  • Drive huge amounts of traffic to your websites

Personally I believe that social networks are the future of online marketing. Email marketing is still alive but social networking is now the key area to focus on for campaigns.


Why posting messages via Twitter is better than email marketing strategies

E-mail spam has been annoying people for amany years now and solid systems have now been put in place to fight unsolicited emails. These systems are now public domain and are freely available to all. For an email spammer a huge amount of the emails they send to are blocked by spam filters before it ever reaches the intended target.


Are you keen to promote your website or company and create a buzz on Twitter? Are you keen to promote a product or generate sales for an affiliate product or CPA?

This is a solid application that will let you achieve that and the great thing about this is its user friendly so you dont need to be a computer genius to use it.



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