How to Use Ecommerce to Grow Your Business in 2013

Laura Comben is a freelance copywriter from Brighton. Her passions include writing, art, photography and keeping up with the latest news and trends.

We may all think that ecommerce is now an established setup for small businesses right up to large multi-national corporations. However, it may be to some a surprise that a handful of retailers have been questioned over their lack of ecommerce involvement. High end fashion brands for example have been sceptical to market their clothing online over fears that it could damage the feel of exclusivity and luxury surrounding their brand. Even high street brands such as H&M have been putting off their US ecommerce channel (scheduled for later this year) over security issues, payments and logistics. So how can you implement ecommerce into your business to grow sales?

Have a game plan. If you have been trading through face to face sales, work out what sells most, what needs improving and which demographics you will most likely be selling to. You can then calculate the risks of going ecommerce and take a directive plan on how the business will function online.

Ecommerce is not only about selling; it is also about brand awareness. By setting up your site on a domain name with a relevant and simple name such as ‘big heels’ for a shoe shop, customers will be able to know more easily what your site is about. A good tip is to look for an expired domain which already has a great name with a dot com ending that you can use.

Using SEO and PPC techniques or investing in a marketing company will create more brand awareness on top search engine sites. Use plenty of uniform keywords and messages across any social media platforms to keep the business focused and professional.

Fresh thinking. Keep customers up to date with the company with a weekly blog and come up with new features, apps to connect you even further to your buyers and keep your website looking fresh and user friendly.

Get the business known. Invest in pay per click advertising space on websites related to your products to gain better brand recognition. From these ads, you have the added benefit of finding out which demographics click on your advertisements as well as how many.

Invest in a copywriting team that will include links in their blogs to your site and products using blogging sites such as Monétisez votre Site. This will also strengthen your search engine optimisation, which will drive traffic to grow your online sales.

Make sure your Ecommerce site is friendly for any device. With more people now shopping online through smart phones and tablets not just laptops and computers, all businesses have had to translate their websites into these different formats.

Ensure that you have high quality customer services. From website accessibility to the checkout and shipments, your business needs to be productive and streamlined in order to keep customers loyal and to spread a good reputation to others.

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