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Alpine Credit Union: Providing Utah County Loans

Many people wonder what the difference is between a credit union and a bank. On the surface, they may seem very similar. For example, both offer checking and savings accounts as well as loans to their members. They also both have branches where you can walk in to deposit and/or withdraw money.

Beyond the similarities that both offer, however, there are major differences with how they are structured. These differences may or may not be noticeable to members. One such difference is that banks are run as “for profit” entities and credit unions operate as “non profit”.

Banks don’t typically have membership requirements like credit unions do, but credit union requirements are usually pretty easy and many times involve living in a particular geographical area. Because banks are “for profit”, many people have found that fees and rates may be higher than credit unions. Of course, every bank and credit union is different and there are exceptions to every rule.

Utah County Loans can be obtained through a number of credit unions and banks that operate within Utah County, UT. Alpine Credit Union is one such credit union that has a reputation of not only providing low rates on auto loans and mortgages, but also provides great customer service to its members.

With Alpine Credit Union, you are a shareholder and have the right to vote for those that run the institution, whom are elected usually on an annual basis. Unlike banks, managing officers of credit unions serve for shorter periods of times and are more likely to understand the issues you face as members because they are also members of the institution like you.

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