Red Green’s Newfangled Cacamamie Pizza Delivery Contraption

Red Green’s Newfangled Cacamamie Pizza Delivery Contraption | Ron Barlow’s Empower Network Blog

by ronbarlow

This reviewer, bluethunder35 from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

said the Red Green Show is a superb sitcom from Canada

IMBd.COM but it takes time for it to grow on you.

Red Green’s Handy Tip on How To Deliver Pizza

Steve Smith portrays Red Green, the leader of the Possum Lodge that’s 135 beer stores

away from Toronto. His mis-adventures mostly involve the goings-on in his lodge with

real and fictionally members of his fraternity. Smith delivers a great performance as the

grizzled ”King of Men” but it’s Patrick McKenna’s Harold, Green’s nephew that steals

most of the episodes. McKenna’s character is a nerdy but loveable bumbler who always

flashes those pearly whites, has hilarious mannerisms, and just shines with his lack of


Harold answers “Letters From Teens”

I used to think that “The Red Green Show” was stupid,

but as I watched more episodes I caught on to how great

this show is. It really does a superb job of poking fun

at the “male bonding” craze that was going on in the 1990?s

and the entirely male cast represent all sorts of hilarious

stereotypes of manhood. They do it so well and it always

makes me laugh. And hard at that, too.

As he says, the Red Green Show and all it’s characters

do take their time to grow on you. My sentiments exactly.

Hey, Canada click on the link below for Information

Red’s going back on tour in ’13!

All the Best!!

a.k.a Ron From TIGERtown


Hamilton Ontario Canada

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