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I prefer to create my own content however….

I was recently looking at several websites that allow you to fill your blog with automated content. If you are lazy and haven’t the time to create your own content then please read on. These websites allow you to fill your blog with fresh targeted content (on a daily basis).

Syndicate Kahuna allows you to fill your WordPress blog quickly with relevant free content and videos. The best part of all is that its completely free to signup and the process is as easy as copying over one php file on to your web server.

Once you have signed up and are logged into Syndicate Kahuna you can just enter a selection of keywords so that the articles are relevant to your subject matter.

If you want to earn money online without doing any work whatsoever then this is one way to do it. You could for example have 50 blogs with different subject areas such as gambling, investment, insurance, gaming, jokes etc that are automatically updated by Syndicate Kahuna on a daily basis.

Naturally you could monetize your wordpress blogs by embedding Adsense adverts automatically into all of the posts on your blogs. There is a fantastic plugin for wordpress that allows you to do just this. You can download the All in One Adsense and YPN plugin here for free. You could also integrate affiliate links and other advertising on each of your blog websites to increase revenue even further. This is a way to make money on auto-pilot.

You should however be aware that if you really want to succeed online then automating your content is not the way to go. Web users want to read fresh individual articles and want to feel a connection with the website or blog they are visiting. This builds up loyalty and will mean visitors will become subscribers who return to your blog many more times in the future. There is also the risk that search engines such as Google will learn how to filter out automated content and reduce or destroy your online income.

So perhaps this is a model you can experiment with.

Please feel free to let me know your feelings and experiences with auto blogging.

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