Make Money with Twitter By Using Magpie

Everyone should know about twitter however I cant make any assumptions so I thought Id explain this tool briefly before I introduce Magpie .

Basically twitter is a platform where you can make short announcements that will be seen by all of your twitter friends. Think of it like a mini version of the wall that you have in facebook. You can send updates via twitter from your twitter account on or from various other applications that will run on mobile phones, desktop computers or via email.

With twitter you can build up a timeline of events in your life viewable by all of your Followers. Followers are people who add you on twitter and are happy to receive all of your updates. You can follow others as well however they dont have to follow you back unless they want to. My policy with twitter is to follow anyone if they follow me. I think thats fair. You can add me to twitter here if you want to hear my random mutterings and sign up for free if you dont have a twitter account. Twitter has become a rather addictive application especially when I can use twitterberry on my blackberry to make tweets from anywhere. Another useful twitter tool is This site allows you to host your mobile phone or digital camera pictures online in an instant so you can post pictures to your twitter account straight away – whenever you so desire. Another tool worth mentioning is that allows you to show your visitors a counter of how many twitter followers you have. You can see this on the right hand side of this site next to the blue twitter bird.

Now moving on to the part you were looking for. Making Money online with Twitter…

There is a company called Magpie that is now offering advertising on the twitter network and they are looking for twitter users who can help them advertise.

The advertising works by various advertisers bidding on particular keywords for the highest price. The winner can then send out a broadcast or tweet via your twitter account to your followers (thats assuming that your tweets are related to their key words). This means you only get relevant content.

If you have a twitter account then you can sign up on Magpie here for free and start earning money. You can setup the application so that an advert is only posted every 5 or 10 tweets so this doesn’t annoy your followers.

The more followers you have the more money you can earn with Magpie. Magpie will automatically work out how much money you can generate after you enter your twitter account id at signup.

You can either use the money to advertise on Magpie or you can transfer it to your Paypal account once you have earnt 50 Euros.

I think twitter should be advert free myself and hope that spam doesnt clog up the twitter network like it has with email. This is however another tool that can generate another stream of income online.

So weigh up the options ladies and gentleman. I will let you decide whether you want to use this medium for generating cash online.

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