Millionaire Mind and Making Money Blog Carnival No. 2

Welcome to this weeks edition of millionaire mind and making money online blog carnival. Id like to present some great articles from my fellow finance and money making blogger friends.

First Id like to introduce Lindsay B. who talks about Problogger Book by Darren Rowse & Chris Garret–for Experienced Bloggers or Not? posted at Writing for Your Wealth, saying, “A review of the Problogger book, an interesting read for anyone who aspires to become a six-figure blogger.”

Dave presents Save on Christmas Gifts – Discount Web Sites posted at Cheapo Groovo.

Sarah Scrafford presents 100 Terrific Mindhacks to Make the Most of Your Brain posted at Find Schools

KCLau presents Christmas On A Budget posted at KCLau’s Money Tips, saying, “This post is contributed by Jacquelyn Sarah Wong, the co-author of The Secrets to Writing an Ebook in Three Easy Steps. It is about how to be frugal this christmas season with the economy down.”

Fiona King presents 10 Obscure Currencies Affected by the Credit Crunch posted at Currency


Raymond presents Credit Card Offers For People With Bad Credit Or Poor Credit History posted at Money Blue Book.


The Investor presents Seven surprising things you may not know about Warren Buffett posted at, saying, “Warren Buffett started with nothing and eventually became the richest man in the world. Here’s a few surprising things about his journey that might inspire you on yours.”

Sandy Naidu presents Bernard Madoff’s Ponzi Scheme posted at FutureNestEgg.

Make Money Online

Joe Manausa presents What is a RSS Subscription? posted at Tallahassee Real Estate Blog, saying, “Have you ever noticed that anytime you read a blog, there is a Subscription Button that encourages you to subscribe to it? Well, I have been questioned about this often enough to recognize that most readers do not understand how RSS works and why bloggers should continue to explain it in order to expand their subscribers list.”

Dan-O presents Make Money with Affiliate Programs in 10 Simple Steps posted at beingpad, saying, “Make money online with a basic Internet marketing technique broken down into easy tasks.”

Eras Mokei presents Create Your Elevator Speech posted at Integrity Business Blog by Terry Dean, saying, “Creating your elevator speech on what makes your website unique is an excellent way to get the word out and draw traffic to your site.”

Anthony Delgado presents Work at Home on the Computer posted at Need Extra Cash?.

Sam presents Make Money Online with Free Affiliate Marketing Programs posted at Surfer Sam and Friends, saying, “Make Money Online with
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Millionaire Mindset

Raymond presents How To Become A Millionaire and Get Rich In 10 Steps posted at Money Blue Book.

The Shark Investor presents How To Outgrow The Self-Help Learning Stage posted at The Shark Investor, saying, “Are you still finding excuses not to make money?”

Casper presents The Number One Way You Can Improve Yourself Today posted at Clark Faint .com, saying, “Clark’s number one way to trigger instant personal development.”

Rich Vosler presents It Takes A Lifetime To Master Time posted at Sales Training Tips.

Dollar Frugal presents Homemade Lamborghini posted at Dollar Frugal.

Money saving tips

Credit Shout presents Weighing the Pros and Cons of Credit Card Use posted at CreditShout.

That concludes this weeks Blog Carnival folks. Thank you for the great articles.

Please feel free to submit your blog article to the next edition of millionaire mind and making money online using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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