Workspace Optimisation Instead of Office Expansion

A short while ago I was considering taking out a substantial business loan to expand the office which was becoming increasingly strained with more employees, more stock, more meeting and break-out areas, etc. Then a colleague suggested, workspace optimisation.

I worked with a local firm (Logic PM, with offices in London and also near me in Kent), who maximised the available workspace and therefore saved me taking out a costly business loan and taking on a huge extension project.

I don’t know how I could have left it so long when workspace optimisation was such a great solution. Although, I guess I shouldn’t be too hard on myself – with a large number of employees to manage, clients to keep happy, deadlines to meet, my days were full…very full.

It was actually one of my employees who put the seed of the idea in my mind. It was following a conversation about why an employee needed to actually come into the office to work. With high speed Internet at home they could effectively work from home most of the time and only visit the office occasionally.

So after giving this some thought, I decided that I needed an expert to come and have a look at my business. I was busy enough with my daily chores and having an external project manager come in was an effective solution.

Not only has my actual workspace been upgraded and redesigned with efficiency in mind, but also the project manager cast an eye over the business itself. Who needed to be in the office and who could work from home, where desk sharing / hot-desking could work, combined workstations, etc. This drastically reduced the amount of actual desk space needed which has resulted in increasing available office space.

In addition, a number of my employees really appreciate the flexibility that working from home allows and have been more productive as well as being better off since they have saved on the commute.

Definitely a worthy exercise, a brilliant concept that was a painless process with great benefits for my employees and myself.

Sometimes you need the expertise of somebody outside of your company and Logic PM delivered a fantastic service and provided great advice on flexible workspace solutions, highly recommended.


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