What Price is Happiness?

jonHow much money would it take to make you really happy?  £1 million?  £10 million?  £100 million?  It’s a question we’ve all asked ourselves.

The way I look at making money is to firstly decide how much money you need a year. Once you’ve done this all you have to figure out is how to make it all in 1 day… this way you can take 364 days off next year.

Most people don’t know how much money they need to make them happy and that’s why they end up not knowing what to do or what career they really want. I remember a guy I used to work with complaining about his £38k wages, he always moaned how we wanted £40k, I seemed twice as happy as him on half his money. I would say to him that he was thinking about it wrong, what is an extra £2k going to do for his life? Nothing. After taxes he’s probably just going to eat out one night extra a week, not really life changing is it. I told him he needed to look at life differently and told him to think of a way to make £40k in a day. Coincidence or not he has his own 1-man design company now and the last invoice he sent out was £85k to an investment bank for 1 weeks work.

If you can decide what amount will make you happy you’re half way there. When you know this sit on your own for a day somewhere and think how you can make it in a day, or find out who is doing it and find out how they did it.

I started thinking this way when I was surfing in Hawaii in between university. I was sat on my surfboard in the water and I felt like the happiest man alive, perfect sunshine, girls in bikinis everywhere, happy people around me and I thought, I have a $50 pair of shorts on and a $150 second hand surfboard, this is all I need. I then thought how much would it cost me a year to do this constantly including food, rent etc, and I agreed on £10,000. Now things are different but at that time being a traveling surfer, it was good enough to make me the happiest guy around.

Once you earn that figure you need to live the lifestyle you want, you’ll feel extremely lucky, and remember that you are, if you earn more then it’s just a bonus. If you start thinking like this I guarantee you’ll feel much happier and fulfilled, don’t be that guy complaining about a £2k a year pay difference. It’s not the money he was complaining about, it was his lifestyle.

Jon Bourgerie


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