Sell your Stocks and Shares and invest in Gold and Land

Well people. Ive been a little busy lately so I must apologise for the lack of updates.

As you are all aware stocks and shares have been taking a lot of punishment lately. The European and U.S stock markets are like taking a ride on a one way roller coaster in one direction – down…

The few of us who were aware of the upcoming crisis sold our stocks and shares and moved the money into safer investment vehicles.

“Where is my money safe” you may ask…. Well anything over £50,000 is not safe in a U.K bank as the government will only guarantee up to 50k if that bank were to go under.. We have already seen RBS and Northern Rock on the brink of collapse along with several other banks. We have also seen local governments lose potentially millions of pounds by placing their money in Icelandic banks. Lehman Brothers has gone bust. Goldman Sachs is to cut 10% of staff.
I suggest that your money is moved into the following areas for safety and for growth

1) Gold

2) Agricultural Land

3) Foreign Property Investment ( research, research, research )

Today we are facing a global recession. We are facing a lack of security within our banking systems. We are facing a property melt down in the U.K and the United States.

Let me talk you through my safe havens for your hard earned cash

1) Invest in Gold

You may think that investing Gold is only something that millionaires can do. Well you are wrong. There are now several companies out there that allow even the small timer to buy and sell Gold on the open market. The Gold is stored in vaults and you never actually need to visit the vault to see your gold unless you actually want to. The purchase of Gold can also be managed online thats to innovative Gold trading websites. I highly recommend Bullion Vault as an easy way to get into Gold ownership. To visit Bullion Vault click HERE. You will be given a free gram of Gold just for signing up.
The site will allow you to buy and sell your Gold as you wish and lets you check your account online. For around £4 a month your Gold is stored in a secure vault either in London, Zurich or New York. Take a look at the growth of Gold over the last 10 years here.

2) Invest in Agricultural Land

The amount of available land in the UK is decreasing every year. The population of the UK on the other hand is increasing and the government have been known to undermine green belt protection of agricultural land to build housing. Currently agricultural land is a relatively low cost way to profit from Land. The land does not have planning permission however you could speculate that the land may gain planning permission 20, 30 years in the future. If the land was ever to gain planning permission your gains could be very large. A £10,000 plot for example could sell for £150,000. The price of the land however will also rise regardless of planning permission and you can always re-sell the land in the future as agricultural land. The value of farmland rose by 28% in the second half of 2007. You are also allowed to use the land you purchase for camping etc if you wish as you own the physical land. On the other hand you dont even have to visit the piece of land you acquire. A good website to purchase land starting from around £2000 is perfectplot.

3) Invest in Foreign Property

You may tell me that its not a good time to invest in property during a global credit crunch. I would tend to agree if you are wanting to invest in the U.K , United States, Spain, France or similar property investments. When I say foreign property investments I am only talking about foreign investments that are secure and relatively unaffected by the credit crunch. Property investment in areas where there is likely to be growth in the next 10 years such as Egypt, Croatia and other non-eu countries. This is obviously a long term investment not a short term investment.

Remember to think long term and to secure all your investments. It could be a bumpy ride for the next 2 years.

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