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Do you like photography?

Perhaps you already have a digital camera at home sitting there gathering dust.

Well did you know that you can make money by selling stock photographs online. There are several free websites that you can register on and upload your quality photos with the aim of selling them. The sites are used by publishers, advertising agencies, graphic artists and more to fulfill the requirement of their assignments. The site will normally offer your photo at fixed prices with you and the website taking a cut of the profits. The fixed prices of your photos sale are normally set by the stock photo site. The great thing about this is that you can make extra money online and you don’t need anything apart from a digital camera and a computer.

Selling the photos royalty free means that your buyer pays a one off fee and is allowed to use your photo as many times as they desire. It also allows you to sell the same photo over and over again to different buyers to maximize your income.

There is also the option of selling an exclusive photo to only one stock photo website. This would mean you cannot sell the image anywhere else. This could command higher prices but also is likely to mean less sales.

One thing to be aware of is that it is not just a case of uploading your holiday pictures. You need to ensure that you are taking photographs that match the requirements for companies seeking stock photos. Your photos should explicitly capture a particular item or keyword easily identified by the viewer. An marketable, artistic photograph of a bowl of fruit for example or apple may be in demand by magazines who are writing an article about food. The photos that you upload to the sites are also normally reviewed first to ensure they are at the required quality for sale. The photos should be in focus, sharp, free from dust or noise. There is a requirement for photos with high resolution normally above 2 mega pixel and sometimes above 4 mega pixels for new photographers. You don’t need to spend a fortune however to take photos of this quality.

There are also other photo sites where you can register and sell any type of photo. These aren’t necessarily stock photos and usually allow you to actually set your own prices. An example of this is allowing you to upload your photos and set your own prices.

There are several sites out there for stock photographers looking to make extra money online. I am listing the main websites below.

Some of the Best Stock Photo Sites are as follows. You can sign up with these sites for free and start earning cash straight away by uploading your best digital photos.



There are also some other free sites that allow you to sell your photos. Ive listed some below.

Vizero – Upload your photos and set your own prices

Cutcaster – Upload your photos and video files and set your own prices

Photoreflect – Create a photo gallery to sell online to clients you have previously photographed.

If you are able to perfect the art of stock photography you can generate a fairly healthy income. Your photos can be sold over and over again generating ongoing cashflow. You can also sell your photos on multiple sites. No need to stick to one site unless you have opted to sell your photos exclusively. There are also some people working as full time stock photographers generating a decent income.

Why not also check out this website – CameraDollars. A great way to make money online with a camera.


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To learn more about stock photography I can recommend this book – Microstock Photography: How to Make Money from Your Digital Images.

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