Boris Johnson – The new mayor of London May 2008

Boris Johnson has finally done it and I have to admit that it was time to eject Ken from the office. Well done Boris :-)
Ken Livingston made some rather irrational decisions. Here are just a few of them.

* Supporting Bendy Buses. These cause twice the number of injuries as any other bus and fare dodging increased three times due to the lack of manning. Read it here

* Closing the tidal flow on the Blackwall Tunnel. Hundreds of thousands of commuters coming into London from south of the river use this route every day and this made a lot of people very unhappy. A lack of notification after made this all the worse. And the excuse used was that it was down to safety reasons. Well the tidal flow had been open for 25 years. Surely it wouldnt take 25 years to identify a safety issue. Or was he using this excuse to increase the level of congestion in the Greenwich area to justify introducing yet another congestion zone..

Read it here

And here

* Underestimating the cost of the Olympics. An initial figure of 4bn has now doubled. Ken later admitted that he had known the original budget for the 2012 London Olympics was an underestimate. Read it here

Lets see if Boris sticks to his promises.

* Bring back Routemaster Buses – Boris says he will scrap bendy buses and bring back routemasters — Routemasters

* Re-instate Blackwall Tunnel Tidal Flow – Boris says he will re-open the Blackwall Tunnel Tidal Flow easing congestion into London

* To scrap £25 gas guzzler charge for gas guzzling cars – Boris says he will scrap this proposed charge for gas guzzlers

Read it here

Check out Boris here –

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