Rich Jerk – A self-made Internet multi-millionaire

During the last six years, The Rich Jerk has made over £6.5 million online and is also well known for selling one of his websites on e-bay for the tidy sum of £180,000.00. using his own strategies.

The Rich Jerk Website currently has an Alexa traffic ranking of about 3000 and an Alexa review rating of 5 out of 5 stars… Those are very impressive numbers!

His 64 page newly revised ebook shows many of the strategies he uses to make big money online, and although it was not initially written for beginners there is now a new chapter dedicated to those who are just starting out, making this ebook an absolute must read for everyone from beginner to expert alike.

Unlike most of the other wealth building ebooks you will find online, the Rich Jerk (Kelly Felix) truly practices what he preaches and he has amassed Millions of Dollars as a result.

I have reviewed this ebook and can say that the concepts covered here are pure genius. The ebook covers a series of strategies that will allow you to increase your online sales dramatically. Rich Jerk also will go through example websites he has created that have allowed him to gain multiple income streams.
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