Credit Card Surfing

How many of us pay for purchases on a credit card intending to pay it off but find when we get there there isnt enough money left…

If you are one of these people you arent alone.. Thousands of us do the same and before you know it you have a huge credit card bill charging an outrageous amount of interest every month.

Ok so our bank managers wont mind. In fact they will be happy. Their (ROI) return on investment is pretty good dont you think with the average credit card charging around 20-25% APR per annum.

There is a solution to this. I call it credit card surfing.

If you have a balance on a credit card that you cant pay off then you need to find a good zero percent credit card deal.

You can find one over at

Once you have found a deal use the balance transfer facility to move your outstanding credit card debt. Put a reminder in your diary or outlook or on your calender one month before the credit cards 0% promotion runs out. At this point you will want to be looking for another zero percent credit card deal to move the balance across yet again.

Every month you will only need to pay the minimum payment and the great thing is you wont need to pay any interest to the bank.

If you continue to credit surf it will become a lot easier to start saving up money so you can clear the credit debt once and for all.

Once its clear you can cut all your credit cards up and start concentrating on your investment strategy :-)

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