New VOIP Product to reduce your phone bill even further

Ive discovered a new VOIP product to cut your phone bill even further

The website is – and the deal is that they offer 1 YEAR of unlimited free calls to a huge number of destinations worldwide for 10 EUROS.. Thats right 10 EUROS a year. Now thats got to be good.

You just need to download their free VOIPBuster software to create an account and then top up with 10 EUROS. (around £6)
Another thing you may not know about VOIP is that you can have any number of any region in the world allocated to you. This number can then be routed so it will ring your house phone. For example I have three numbers Glasgow, London and a U.S number that all ring through to my house. Its fantastic if you want to do business is specific regions. You will find that locals would rather call a local number.

Once you have your VOIP account setup you just need to buy a VOIP ATA adaptor (easily found on Ebay) that will allow you to plug your standard home phone into your VOIP service via ADSL or broadband. You can read more in another article Ive written about the huge cost savings that can be made with VOIP. And it doesnt mean you need to use a PC to make calls.

To set up a number for your VOIP service you can use a company such as

You can then click on Buy DID online (Dids are essentially VOIP phone numbers)

You then have a chance to select a phone number in any country or region in the world. Once you have purchased one (around £2.50 a month) then you can click on Mapping and link this number to whatever VOIP service you are using. Easy as that.

I have a good feeling about VOIP and I think this will be reflected in VOIP stocks (most probably long term)

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