Great New Online High Interest Savings Account 5.65% (AER) at ICICI Bank

Ive just signed up for a new high interest online savings account at ICICI Bank. This great account has no minimum payments. As long as you pay in a £1 to open the account you are fine. The account is convenient allowing easy online transfer of funds into the account. At the same time it has a nice high interest rate of 5.65% AER.

You can read more and sign up for the account online here
I will shift some cash into this account and leave it here (until such a time when another savings account comes out that will beat this rate)

REMEMBER – You should never be satisfied with banks paying minimal interest. If you can get better interest elsewhere then you need to be aggressive and move your funds. Some of the high street banks pay less than 1% interest.. This is no way to increase wealth.

Updated: — 3:55 am
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