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Hi Folks its been snowing today in London and hundreds of commuters pushed their way on to trains, tubes, buses and cars (after scraping the snow off). A large majority of them don’t like their jobs. They repeat the same time daily.

How would you feel about generating extra income online. With time and energy your revenue will increase and potentially with hard work your online income could cover your expenses and allow you to leave the rat race and plough additional time and effort into something you enjoy. No more commuting..

There are thousands of ways to make money online. Today I will summarize one area that has and always will generate income.


Did you know you can make money online with a product that can be delivered electronically to your clients which means No Postage Costs.. Since this is an electronic product this also means the items can be delivered to your clients (who can be based anywhere on the globe automatically..)! So in effect you could actually be sleeping while making money.. Think of the market you have online seeing as you can sell the product globally with no postage costs.

What is the product you may ask.. ! And how do I go about making cash online.. ?

Well the product ladies and gentleman is Information. Information in the form of Electronic Books.
Ebooks (short for Electronic Books) cover almost every subject just as real books with the difference being that they are in electronic form so can be sent via email and read on a computer anywhere in the world.

So how do I go about selling Ebooks you may ask.


Step 1. You need some Ebooks with resale rights.. To grab these go to EBay and type something along the lines of Ebooks Resale. You are likely to receive several hundred for sale. Select a bundle of ebooks and buy making sure you get a reasonable price. At this stage you may have 100 to 1000 ebooks. To get an idea you can probably purchase these on ebay for around £4.99. You also have the option of writing your own ebooks but this is another subject all together.

Step 2. If you don’t own a website the first step to selling online would be to resell on eBay. Join up with eBay if you don’t already have an account and then list your Ebooks choosing a suitable price. You can sell one ebook from between 49p and £49 (the sky’s the limit dependent on demand). Spend time tweaking the time you start the auctions. The best time to end an auction is a Sunday afternoon.

Step 3. Once you have gained confidence think about setting up your own Electronic book website. You can also think about investing in a script for your website that will automate the download of Ebooks from your site after buyers have paid. This in effect means you can be making money while you are sleeping.. Interesting huh.. Remember information is something we all yearn for.. Ebooks are a hot product online

Stay tuned for more money making tips online..

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