Money won’t buy you happiness

Hi folks. Being wealthy isnt always about loving money. You should make sure that your mindset is not focused on the money itself but on the freedom associated with gaining wealth. Heres a great article that highlights this point further.

Money won’t buy you happiness, but money makes life rich!

by Jim Doherty

When I started making significant amounts of money on the Internet I realized something important.It’s been said before that money does not buy you happiness, and that the more money you make, the more money you’ll want. Or maybe you’ve heard that rich people are all shallow and greedy.But for me, I realized, it wasn’t so much the amount of money I made, but the fact that I had reached a financial goal I had set that was the most fulfilling to me. Achieving my goals, and being able to escape the daily grind–the “rat race”–and work for myself was the biggest high I could imagine.

Did it just make me want to earn more and more money? In a sense yes, but fundamentally no. I didn’t want more money just for money’s sake. I realized that money made me–not happier directly–but much more content with life…much more comfortable and equipped to do the things that really made me happy.

So no, in essence money did not buy me happiness, but instead, it brought me a deep sense of satisfaction and, more importantly, freedom to live my life the way I wanted and the freedom to pursue happiness. For me, the most distasteful thought is to work for the rest of my life for some corporation, slaving away in some cubicle and micro-managed by an overbearing boss who makes my life miserable.

All things being equal, life with an abundance of money is much, MUCH more enjoyable than life with a shortage of money. I’m sure anyone with any significant amount of debt can relate to the last part of that statement on a truly visceral level.

From a practical standpoint, more money is the solution to many of life’s common problems. It gives you security and stability. And conversely, lack of money is the cause of so many problems.
I remember watching a scene on a recent episode of a popular new show called “The Unit,” where a special forces soldier is talking with his wife.

Now, since that elite soldier only made about $40,000 a year (vastly underpaid for what he does), the wife decided to take it upon herself to try to use some savings to make money for both of them. Well, to make a long story short, she got scammed out of $40,000, causing them to become broke.

When the husband finds out, he goes on a tirade. “Forty thousands dollars! How do I make my money?” he angrily asks her. “I earn my money at the risk of my life, letting the scum of the earth shoot at me. You know that’s how I earn my money! That’s why my bosses pay me. And you just wished it away.”

I was just so struck by this noble warrior, defending our country, angry enough to divorce his wife over $40,000. Now I’m not in any way trying to brag or sound arrogant, but I made more than $40,000 in my first job fresh out of college. And this soldier was doing a much more important job than I ever could. He was a 30-year veteran team leader of the most advanced elite special operations force in the world.

Okay, so where am I going with this? My point is, no elite forces leader who’s risking his life to defend this country’s freedom should have to lower himself to argue with his wife over lack of money. No marriage should ever be jeopardized over a measly $40,000.

And for all you romantics out there who think that money is just not important to marriage, and that “love is all you need,” obviously you’ve never been married–arguments over money is a leading cause of divorce.

And a lack of money causes great fear, anxiety, and anger in people in general. I’ve had acquaintances who had chronic ulcers or migraines over a $1000 debt they just couldn’t seem to pay off. I once saw a fine young man I know scream at his girlfriend in public over $50 which she accidently lost, as he was down to his last savings.

I remember hearing about one guy–his name is John Reese–relating that, when he was 23 years old, he was $100,000 in debt. He said he felt like giving up, about committing suicide, that life was not worth living, that he had no hope.

Fortunately for him, he turned his life around, and even became a millionaire, and now even teaches other people how to make money online. Money brought him hope; it brought him out of despair.

Now I know it is said–it’s actually written in the best-selling book in the history of mankind–that “love of money is the root of all evil.” And yes I do agree with that, and I’m not being contradictory.

If you love money just for the sake of money, then you’re really chasing after an empty pursuit. Don’t love money itself. Love the freedom money brings. Love the increased opportunities to enjoy life and help other people.

Most dreams and goals require money. One of the most common dreams that people have is to travel and see the world. Many other people want to learn exciting new activities such as flying a plane or going sailing. Money gives them freedom to pursue those ends.

Don’t just grit your teeth and try to make as much money as you can. You can have fun in the process too! In fact, you should be having fun. If you’re killing yourself to make your millions, that’s not healthy either.

Money can even be a great healer and a restorer. Money alleviates a multitude of stress, and can even bring hope to the hopeless. When you do make your big money, be generous. Give money away. We’re all hanging by a fragile thread–let’s not squander our lives. Use your money to help others; it will come back to bless you. I promise!
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So remember folks dont focus on the money itself. Enjoy the ride and opportunities along the way and before you know the money will flow in. Greed is unlikely to generate income but being positive and having fun at the same is likely to see profits soar.


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