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We’re always being told we spend too much of our day online and that we waste too much time surfing the internet. You spend hours surfing the worldwide web and you’ve rarely got anything at the end to show for it. Well, until now, that is. is the social rewards community that has swept America over the last few years and is currently launching in the UK, and it is perfect for those who either just enjoy being online or want to be savvy about how they spend and save their time and money. Swagbucks, which has built a legitimate reputation that cuts through the scam ethos of many online rewards sites, is in fact the smart way to use the internet or the best way to make the most of your valuable time online.

Swagbucks basically provides you with a wide variety of easy, fun ways to earn points, or Swag Bucks, which can then be redeemed for valuable rewards that can help you contribute to your family’s happiness, or provide a treat for yourself. You can simply do basics like searching and shopping, or you can provide opinions on surveys, or you can just relax and watch entertaining videos or play games. Your time is precious and now you can get rewarded for using it online.

There are currently eight different earning channels including Search and Win!, Swagbucks TV, Games, Trusted Surveys and Special offers. Users can also earn Swag Bucks by visiting the 1 million+ strong Facebook community and their blog for free Swag Code giveaway opportunities. For example, gift cards cost 450 Swag Bucks and it’s not uncommon that users are able to earn Amazon gift cards on their first day using the site. Apart from Amazon, Swagbucks UK users can also redeem their Swagbucks for cash via Paypal, and they will soon be able to redeem from almost any merchant in the UK.

Swagbucks USA users are fanatical about the website and the amazing self-contained community, particularly in Facebook where users all help each other out with any issues. And Swagbucks uses that community to the full, regularly asking them to come up with new ideas and ways of earning, and even asking them to come up with their collective name (Swaggernauts) and to decide what games to keep on the site.

They are also famed for their customer service and it’s not uncommon to see marriage proposals being posted on the Facebook wall for variou members of the Customer Service team. None have yet ended up in a walk down the aisle, but they live in hope. We will have to see whether it will take off in the same way here, but it should do once the British public realises that there is literally no catch at all with Swagbucks. It really is simply a way to earn free money whilst having fun at the same time. Give it a try – click here for a free sign up.

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