Investor Keith Gilabert says Facebook Stock Target Price $200.00

Financial Trader Keith Gilabert says, “Facebook Stock Target Price $200.00!”

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Los Angeles – June 14, 2012 – With so many different stock prices remaining unstable in such a volatile market there is no wonder that Facebook is getting off to a bit of a shaky start. Although the Facebook stock was fairly inexpensive to buy into and has since become even less expensive since the IPO, it is no reason to discourage you from buying into Facebook Stock. It may look as though the Facebook Stock has tanked but in reality Facebook is just biding its time before rising in stock value. Here are a number of reasons why the Facebook Stock is a buy and why it is certain to see growth in the future.

Right now according to Gilabert,”Facebook has a market value of 1/3 of Google, which is somewhat understandable for the time being. Currently Google has youtube, blogger, chrome, phones and a number of other different assets that make up the Google Family, but Facebook is not without its own share of expansion,” which will be covered later on in this article.

In general Facebook sees more daily visits than Google does. For that reason advertisers know that Facebook is the hot place to be and the best place to launch web applications and market to people using Facebook pages. Because advertisers are looking to reach the massive audience visiting Facebook every day, the value of Facebook, due to the amount of money that it receives from advertisers and other forms of income, is only sure to go up with the number of visitors to the website. Facebook will continue to be one of the most visited websites on the internet, keeping the stock quite stable as these revenues will keep generating.

Facebook also has an extremely loyal client base. When it comes to creating a profile, once one of profiles is made, many users will regularly check back on Facebook and continue to generate traffic to the website. Because people can post and interact, without even thinking of it they are bringing traffic to the website and exposing themselves to advertising daily. It’s with this loyal fan base that Facebook holds onto its customers and continues generating traffic.

Gilabert says, “Facebook is beginning to acquire other services and is constantly evolving as well. Similar to Google’s other services, Facebook has bought out the popular service Instagram and begun to post user profiles from Instagram directly to Facebook. This is just one of the ways that Facebook will continue to evolve and add value to their website and with that their own shares. Facebook is constantly releasing new features and applications that will appeal to new and different users, and growing their visits and brand. With this expansion it is only a matter of time before the value of stocks increase.”

Keith Gilabert eventually projects a long term target on Facebook stock to be $200. With current stock prices trading under $30 and sometimes going as low as $24 now is the time to get in and see a great profit on your initial investment.

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  1. A lark in the park

    Isn’t this called millionaire blog? Should be called stupidaire blog.. Because this article has an air of stupidity. In fact if I could classify this stupidity in reference to a weather phenomenon it would be a catagory 5 hurricane.

    There is no way in heck that facebook is or will ever be worth $200. Sorry to burst your bubble but google and facebook are lousy comparisons. Facebook does not have a product. They have an exchange where bored people go to talk to friends. And there is nothing to stop another competing programmer to build a better mousetrap. Ever heard of myspace?

    Google on the other hand has a product. It has an algorithim that searches for and organizes data. There will always be the need for a search tool!!

    There may always be a need for people to stay connected… But it makes for a lousy business! Good luck being stupidaires and listening to this bad advice.

  2. Keith Gilabert made a great point in an interview with Dr. Wright last October, he stated Facebook is more powerful than Google when it comes gathering information on its users. With 1.2 Billion monthly users Facebook not only has a larger database than the US government or any government but also more information. Google needs to crawl several sources of data to compile this information that has made it one of the most valuable companies in the world. Facebook has more information on its users and it has all been volunteered by its users. FB is making news highs, you were wrong in 2012 and very wrong in 2013.

  3. Its 2016 now and the FB Stock price is now sitting at $116 dollars so looking back this prediction was fairly accurate.

  4. 3 years later and Facebook stock is now $169 so we have almost hit the $200 mark

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