How to get FREE Likes on Facebook Page

As we all know when a business first starts out we all have a blank sheet in the world of social media. A limited number of friends, followers and fans.

To establish a greater visibility and increase your hitting power the best way to urge social media users that your Business is established is to gain the following:

* A high number of Likes on Facebook Fan Page

* A high number of Twitter Followers

* A high number of Views of your website

* A high number of subscribers to your You Tube company video

* A high number of Diggs for your website

And the list could go on…

One way to gain these social media contacts and ratings is through hours and hours of hard work interacting with clients, asking them to check out your site, facebook page or add you as a friend.

Another is to use a fantastic new service called YouLikeHits. This site is completely free and allows you to exchange followers, likes, views etc.

Basically you get points everytime you Like someone’s Facebook Fan Page, Website , Subscribe to someones You Tube video etc. You can then convert those points into getting people to Like, Follow , Subscribe , View your websites.

This is the perfect way to gain a healthy number of Social Media users supporting your services. This gives you some credibility so you are no longer a blank sheet.

YouLikeHits is available here and you can sign up for free.

Id be interested to know any hints on how you increase your Social Media followers for your services.

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