Gift Ideas for Christmas Shopping 2012

I cant believe its that time again folks. There are only only 31 days until Christmas day.

This year in 2012 I plan to start my Christmas shopping earlier. Being a typical guy I have always left Christmas shopping until the last minute. I am determined this year to beat the rush.

In fact I have figured that by shopping earlier I can actually save more money. I would like to share some of my Christmas shopping tips with my readers today.

Millionaire Blogs Tips for Christmas Shopping 2012

Find Fantastic Bargains with Amazon Discount Finder Tool

Amazon is a great place to find Christmas Gifts however it is often difficult to see if you are getting a bargain. Its hard to find which products have been heavily discounted. This is why I would like to help all my readers out with our very own Amazon Discount Finder Tool. This tool lets you search for products on Amazon with the largest discounts. Just select the product you are looking for and then select a percentage such as 90% to see all products that currently have a 90% discount. This should help you find those heavily discounted products to buy as christmas presents. You can find the Millionaire Blog Amazon Discount Tool here.


Buy Christmas Gifts with Black Friday Discounts

Many stores are currently running Black Friday deals where you can get substantial discounts on products. For example over at Amazon they currently have some products with discounts over 50% the recommended retail price. These deals are only short term so in some cases you need to buy before the 1st December. Some deals are also only available short term like a 12 hour or 24 hour deal. Have a look around and you will find plenty of stores are running black friday promotions.


Buy Christmas Tree and Decorations Late (an exception to the rule)

If you don’t have a Christmas tree yet then  I recommend you wait. Stores like Home Base and Currys significantly reduce the prices of their Christmas Lines a couple of weeks before Christmas. In fact last year I acquired a Christmas tree with a discount of around 70% off the original price. The stores also reduce articifial Christmas Trees along with christmas tree lights and decorations. An ideal time to stock up. Keep an eye on the stores web sites watching out for their promotions. These discounts happen every year as they don’t want to be left with products that cannot be sold in store after the Christmas season.


Monitor for Price Drops on Amazon with Free Tool

Is there a gift that you would like to purchase on Amazon however you believe the price is currently too high? Are you tired of having to keep going back to the website to check if the price has dropped to the price you would be happy to be paying?

Well there is a great free tool that allows you to monitor the product you are interested in Amazon. Create Amazon price watches and get alerts via email and Twitter when prices drop automatically.

The tool is called camelcamelcamel. You can find the tool at


Automatically Bid on Gifts at your Budget on Ebay

Auction sites can be dangerous. Sometimes buyers can pay way above the price of an item they are looking to buy. This is often down the the excitement of the auction and it can sometimes be hard to walk away from an auction.

I have found a new tool that allows me to have zero motion when it comes to bidding on ebay items. I use a tool called Auction Stealer. Basically it allows you to load up the tool with a list of all the products you are interested in buying. For example if I was looking for a Playstation 3 I could add twenty different Playstation 3 auctions currently on Ebay for Sale. I then can set the maximum price I will bid. Grouping the items up allows the tool to bid on each of the auctions one at a time 3 seconds before the end of the auction to try to win the auction at the price I want to pay. If I win any of the auctions at the price I requested then Auction Stealer will not BID on any of the other playstations I have in my list. This is a great way to SAVE TIME when buying Christmas Presents and also allows you to stick to your budget. An excellent tool that means I can invest my time elsewhere.

You can check Auction Stealer out here. They offer a free account.

Auction Stealer UK     –  Auction Stealer USA


Take Advantage of the January Sales

Make sure you take advantage of the January Sales. Often gifts may be reduced by over 70% in many stores. Purchase gifts, Christmas Decorations, Christmas Cards and then store them in your loft ready for next Christmas. You will save a substantial amount and will also mean you have less shopping to do next Christmas.

Thats all my tips for Christmas Shopping this year. Good luck and I hope you all manage to avoid having to do the Christmas Eve last minute dash for gifts.

My advice to you is to order online in advance and save the stress :-)


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