Cars of 2013

This post is brought to you by Swiftcover car insurance.   At the close of every year, car enthusiasts excitedly wait to find out the new line up of models that car dealers will be releasing in the new year to come. And make no mistake, 2013 will be an exceptional year for new car releases, offering everything from a new, affordable four wheel drive Fiat to a hybrid Porsche. So sit back and relax as we cover some of the new cars that will be offered up in 2013 and are sure to get your engines revving.
An exciting change to the already exciting Fiat Panda (we all remember the commercials with the fiery Italian babe getting all up in the nerdy guy’s business), the 2013 Fiat Panda is now features permanent 4X4 with two differentials with Electronic Locking Differential technology so that maximum traction is reached by only driving front and/or rear wheels, depending on which has more available traction. The surprisingly comfortable and roomy interior, compact size, and short overhangs are sure to make the Panda 4X4 as capable off-road as it is on it.
The new 2012 Renault Clio has a major change over its predecessors – it will now be sold exclusively as a five-door model. In fact, all Renault models, including sports cars, will only be available with five doors. The new Clio impresses from the outside in, with a sleek, stylish and sexy new body look, prominent grille, lowered height and a wider track. One of the big selling points for the Clio that sets it apart from the pack is the personalization available, with the front grille, dashboard, steering wheel, upholstery and door inserts available in a wide array of colours.
For those who live in luxury but also want to go green, Porsche’s new Panamera Sport Turismo offers the spirit of their Cayenne 4X4 with the sexy sport styling of their 911, complete with five doors, a hatchback, higher clearance underneath and Porsche’s plug-in hybrid technology. Which allows the car to travel at speeds of up to eighty miles per hour on the purely electric mode, and still have access to the power of the 245 horsepower V6 petrol engine.
The above are some great examples of vehicles due out in 2013, and certainly leave us with much to look forward to in the world of cars in the year to come.

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