Free Online Fax Services In the UK

I had a requirement to send a fax and receive a fax from the UK last week but after a quick search on the web I found that most online fax services wanted a monthly subscription. I spent a few hours looking for some online fax services that would do the job but would also be cost effective. I wanted to avoid a monthly fee.

Now that I have finally found 2 companies in the UK that do this job without a costly subscription I thought Id share them with you to make life easier.

Sending Faxes

Faxtastic is a service that allows you to send and receive faxes. I used this service just to send a fax as I dont receive enough faxes to make it worth applying for one of their free fax numbers. To send faxes you just need to have credit. The minimum credit you can apply for is £10 which gives you 100 credits. If you are faxing to another fax machine in the UK then cost to send one page will be 1 credit. This service suited me just fine because I only wanted to pay per usage. Top up the account with £10 and you can send a fax whenever you want to and pay as you go with no monthly costs. The service can also be used for receiving faxes but you need to receive a fax at least once every 90 days for a free 0871fax number. If you arent receiving faxes this often then Id just use it for sending faxes only. You can find faxtastic here.

Receiving Faxes

Wonderfax is a great service for receiving faxes. Its absolutely FREE to sign up and then you are allocated a fax number. You can hand this free fax number out to friends or colleagues. When someone sends you a fax the fax will automatically be converted into a PDF file and then sent to your email address. This is useful as effectively you can receive faxes while you’re on the move such as via your Blackberry handheld. You can find Wonderfax here.

All in One Online Fax Solution

If you are looking for an all in one online fax solution and you dont mind paying a few dollars or pounds for it then I can highly recommend EFax as a solution for you.

Why not try out a 30 day free trial with them to test it out.  Efax allows you to send and receive faxes quickly on your computer and has a fantastic web interface.

Free Business Cards

If you are also looking to get hold of some free business cards then head over to Vistaprint. They have a great deal currently where you can get hold of 250 FREE business cards as well as a free holder. To get your FREE business cards head over to Vistaprint here.



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