27 Days Until Christmas Day

Can you believe there are only 27 days until christmas and it will be December before the end of the week!

Doesn’t time fly by.. Sometimes I cant believe how fast the year goes by. Lifes been quite manic this year so I must apologise for the lack of blog posts. My new years resolution will be to start writing with more regularity.

Sales are UP marginally on Black Friday this year so are we any nearer the end of the recession? Not a chance. In Europe we have seen the Euro sliding yet again amid austerity fears for Ireland. The debt crisis also shows signs of spreading to Portugal and Spain like a virus.

To sum up this year stocks have slipped further. Gains for my share portfolio have dropped to around 20%-25% gain from 40% earlier in the year. Still a lot better return than putting money in the banks I guess. I’m sticking primarily to the AIM market (Alternative Investment Market) as the returns tend to be higher. Risk however is also higher so Id advise only investing what you can afford. Ive also diversified with some Brazilian Mutual Funds which are providing a fairly robust return. There is still a lot of growth to be seen in these markets.

Id now like to provide you with 4 top tips for Christmas shopping that should keep your finances on track :

1) Always Always use cashback sites when you are buying your christmas presents online. Some sites such as topcashback give you 100% of the cashback to you the consumer. I use topcashback for all types of purchases such as car breakdown renewals, gifts, gas and electric and more. You will be amazed how much money you can accumulate every year. This will definitely come in useful in the new year when you need it.

Check out topcashback here

2) Use comparison sites when purchasing Christmas presents. Never assume that a product will be cheaper on Ebay for example. Use a product search tool such as google product and order the price from lowest to highest. Try to hunt down the cheapest location online to buy your product.

For the UK you can use http://www.google.co.uk/products

For the USA you can use http://www.google.com/products

3) Avoid high street stores unless you are aware of a bargain. Check bargain sites out such as Hot Uk Deals to find out about current bargains. There will be certain deals that make it worth your while visiting stores for.

A good site in the UK for these deals is http://www.hotukdeals.com/

You will find similar sites for the USA such as http://www.dealsofamerica.com/

4) If possible buy your purchases using a cashback credit card. As long as you can afford to pay it off at the end of the month. I tend to use the American Express Cashback card that actually pays me back a percentage of what I spend at the end of the year. Definitely worth doing as long as you pay the credit card bill in full at the end of the month.

And to cheer you up why not check out how many days there are left until christmas by visiting daysuntilchristmas.co.uk here. Merry Christmas folks..


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