Earn Full-Time Money Through Part-Time Effort


To quote conventional wisdom, “time is money.” And while this phrase has some truth, time is also time. The precious seconds we’re given every day are a commodity in their own right, affording time with our friends and family, the opportunity to indulge hobbies, and the flexibility to relax from time to time.

The problem is, we have responsibilities; particularly, jobs. For some of us, this means a mandatory 8 hours per day dedicated to someone else’s tasks, resulting in a benefit that we may not directly see. For others, this means more than 8 hours per day, putting our best foot forward with the same unattractive prospect. What if there was a way to take care of our financial needs and wants without the arduous investment of full-time employment?

What is Day Trading?

As it turns out, there is. Day trading, through an intelligent understanding of market trends, allows savvy investors to profit handsomely from short-interval trades. The method of achieving this aim requires a bit of clarification so here’s a brief explanation:

Stocks are shares in a company. They’re offered by the company to help drum up money in exchange for the right to vote on matters of business at shareholder meetings. In an average day, the value of these stocks rise and fall based on a number of factors. By taking large amounts of money and investing them during periods of upswing, and then selling once the peak price has been reached, day traders generate a profit.

In the Stock Market today, the two key factors that fuel this process are the interval of time over which trades occur, and the unique nature of markets. Since these upswings occur over a short period of time, an investment is never held for more than one day at a time, as doing so would risk a period of downturn. The advantage of this approach lies in the fact that, whether a business is making money or not, these upswings occur, and getting in and out at the right times can lead to profit, even if the company is performing poorly.

The Challenges

Of course, as they say, if it were easy, everyone would do it. Day trading is not an occupation without its challenges and understanding them up front can help give you a clearer picture of what the job entails.

First of all, understanding the market can be very difficult. Price behavior can seem a bit erratic to the untrained eye, and that means that identifying when to enter and exit a position is no easy task.

Second of all, the amount of money needed to get involved in day trading can be prohibitive. According to SEC rules, a minimum of $25,000 is required to trade with a stock brokerage, which may be more than many are willing to spend, even to liberate themselves from the yoke of conventional work.

The Benefits

But the challenges of the occupation are vastly outweighed by the potential benefits. Learning how to analyze and take advantage of markets can take years, or a handful of informative, intelligent, and in-depth courses, such as the ones offered here at Bulls on Wall Street. By working hand-in-hand with trained experts, you can cut years off of your learning time and start trading more successfully, sooner.

The most significant benefit of day trading is the earnings potential. Since the money you make is predicated on your trading ability, you technically have the opportunity to make as much money as you wish. Even accounting for conventional trading performance, your income will be, guaranteed, significantly higher than what you see at your current 9 to 5.

All of this is made possible via a stock trading platform that goes with you wherever your laptop does. No more arduous commutes, no more time-wasting meetings, just regular communication with your hedge fund if you’re looking for advice, and the flexibility to work as much or as little as you want, where you want, at a much higher earnings rate than a typical occupation.

If someone tells you something that’s too good to be true, it probably is. That’s why it’s important to be aware of the challenging nature of the occupation. However, with the right training and partnership, day trading offers the chance to truly make a full-time living off of part-time work. All it takes is your brain, your strategy, and the natural ebb and flow of financial markets, to turn that knowledge into profound success. So what are you waiting for?


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