10 Effective Strategies to Maximize Your Social Media Calendar

Connecting directly with your clients is one of the top benefits of social media. However, you have to make your strategy effective to keep your traffic high. You need to keep your posts updated on a regular basis to give new and fresh content to your readers. One way to do it is to use a social media calendar. This article will help you get started and give you information and tips to be successful.

1.    Understand your audience

Understanding your audience helps identify the content relevant to them. You cannot keep on writing on something that is not interesting for your target. The key in reaching clients is to know what they and give it to them.

2.    Organize your effort

Social media calendar allows you to efficiently organize all your effort. Because you have to stay connected for 365 days, you need to have a well-planned strategy each day. Stop going around the bush and plot your calendar.

3.    Look at the big picture

By plotting on your calendar on a yearly, monthly or weekly basis, you get to see the bigger picture of your marketing plan. You are able to see the number of times you post on a certain topic and the social media network you often use. From your results, you can adjust accordingly to meet the demands of your business.

4.    Start small

Even when it’s called a yearly calendar, you do not have to think of 365 topics in one sitting. Break the task into smaller ones. Let’s say, do it monthly. Think of a broad topic and divide it into subheadings and these will serve as your subject per week.

5.    Go with the trend

When you think of your theme per month or week, consider the trend, news or occasion for the season. You will get more traffic if you know when to time your posts.

6.    Customize the message

While it is true that you can share the same message across different social media network, you must still customize it to fit the audience and the platform of the network. For example, Twitter’s character is limited compared with Facebook and You tube generates more traffic with a good video. By identifying the social media you are posting to, you can better plan your message and create an appropriate content.

 7.    Respond to readers

Respond to all posts – be it a positive or negative feedback. You have to make your audience feel that you are a “person” and not just a computer. Communication promotes respect and who knows, a basher can be your lifelong follower.

8.    Build excitement

Giving the same content everyday will wear down your readers. From time to time, give them something to look forward to by giving away free coupons, launching a contest or providing samples of your products.

9.    Link it

Always provide a link of your posts to your website. This will drive your interested audience in case they want to know more about you.

10.  Do an inventory

Always measure the success of your social media calendar by taking measurements and statistics. Incorporate new changes to accommodate better strategies.


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