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Christmas Countdown

Can you believe that another year has almost passed us by. At midnight we only have 12 days until Christmas Day. For those in the audience who are male ( like me) you may want to get your skates on as regards to ordering your presents for your family and loved ones. If you order […]

TradeMiner Gives Traders An Unfair Advantage

TradeMiner A new software trading tool that helps identify trading opportunities through the use of Artificial Intelligence and brute force mathematics.What used to take days of time consuming mathematical calculations through an Excel spreadsheet is now done in a matter of seconds.For the past 10 years, TradeMiner has been a proprietary trading tool developed for market […]

Seeking Guest Finance Bloggers

At the Millionaire Blog we like to give new finance bloggers a chance to get their articles out there for the general public. With the traffic rates on our blog why not think about providing us with unique content covering personal finance, making money online or investment. To submit your article click HERE or click […]

What does a stock transfer agent do?

A stock transfer agent maintains the corporate records of shareholders for corporations. The stock transfer agent also records the changes of ownership when shares are transferred to another party. Stock transfer agents for public companies are required to be registered with the Securities Exchange Commission. When a stock transfer agent receives a request to change […]

New Ad Sharing Network

I found a great new ad sharing network folks. Opportunity seekers ! New Ad-sharing system for residual passive income is starting. Create and grow your account effortless. Still you can get in. Earn money every day ! Auto Amazon Links: No products found. (1 items filtered out)

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