4 Tips to make your health insurance premiums pocket friendly

As you’re already aware of the fact that “health is wealth”, hence you should never take your health for granted. You might have noticed how people who are suffering from chronic diseases are draining their wealth to support their medical cost just because they never cared before to purchase a proper health insurance policy. If you’re not willing to face the same situation, you must buy a health insurance policy. If you’re worried about the increasing cost of the premiums then you must follow certain tips to get hold of an affordable health insurance policy.


4 Tips to buy an affordable health insurance policy

Read on to know how you’ll be able to budget your heath insurance policy premiums.  


1. Research well:

When you’ll search online you’ll find there are many lenders who will be eager to offer you health insurance policy. Before you purchase one, you must compare the terms and conditions of the policy so that you’re able to purchase the one that suits your needs.


2. Raise your deductible:

Health insurance deductible is an amount that you have to pay when you’ll claim for the health insurance benefits. Only after you have paid your deductible amount your health insurer will reimburse you the claimed amount. You have to set the deductible at the time when you’ll purchase the health insurance policy. If you find that you’re at your good health and don’t require medical help frequently you must increase your deductible. This will help you lower your monthly premiums and make your health insurance affordable for you.


3. Stay healthy:

It is the best way to reduce your health insurance premiums. Try to keep your health fit. You must maintain a proper diet and intake sufficient calories every day. Quit your drinking and smoking habits as they are injurious to health. Exercise regularly to get rid of obesity and stay hale and hearty. This will reduce the risk of the insurers and you’ll be able to purchase a health insurance policy at a low rate.


4. Purchase a group health insurance:

It will be better if you’re able to purchase a health insurance policy for all your family members. This will help you lower your monthly premium rates. a group health insurance will decrease the premium rates of the elder members of the family where as increase the premium rates of the younger ones a little bit. Thus the premium rates of all your family members will become reasonable and you’ll be able to protect all your dear ones from diseases.

Lastly, you must go through your policy carefully so you’re able to detect if any extra coverage is added to your policy. Remove the coverage as soon a possible so that you’re able to lower your health insurance premium rates.


By: Blake Shelton
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