20 Ways to Make Money Online in 2012

Id like to take this opportunity to wish all my readers a Happy New Year. The start of another year yet again.  The U.K as well as most of the globe is still in the midst of a recession. Times are indeed hard. Employers are making staff redundant each and every day. Large retailers are going bust. The job market is weak with hundreds of applicants for each and every role.

This is a time folks for you to focus on your goals for 2012. Whether you are in full time employment or out of work looking for a job there are still ways you can make money from the comfort of your armchair at home. Today I’m going to provide you with 20 ways to make money online in 2012 so here it goes.


1) Sell your 2nd hand unwanted goods on Ebay – This is a great way to generate some additional income. Perhaps you received some unwanted presents for christmas or have some items around the house that you aren’t using anymore.

2) Set yourself up with an account on Fiverr.com and sell your own unique products – Each product you sell is five dollars. This may not sound a lot but if you draw comparisons with some of the richest people in the world. They made their fortunes from by selling products that are worth pennies. Look at the inventor of cardboard milk carton for example. To understand more why not read Make Money from Home with Fiverr here.

3) Make Money by filling in Surveys – If you have some time on your hands why not make some money by filling in online surveys. There are plenty of companies that will actually pay for you to fill in surveys. They will email you several times a month asking you to fill in a survey and either pay you in cash or often gift vouchers that can be used as stores like Amazon. The surveys wont take up a lot of your time and can be yet another stream of income for you. I can recommend one survey company that can be trusted and you can Sign Up for Free here.

4) Make Money by surfing the web and clicking banners – You can actually make money by surfing the web and by clicking on advertising banners to view websites. One company that allows you to do this is Clixsense. You can sign up for an account here for free. There are also ways you can increase your income by recruiting your own affiliates and you take a percentage of the money they make also when they click on adverts. I must admit I haven’t invested much of my time in this income stream but this isn’t one you should rule out.

5) Start your own Blog related to your own interests and integrate advertising – If you like to write then why not set up your own Blog and start writing about things that interest you. Perhaps you have a passion for a specific car or are interested in fashion. Or maybe you just want to blog about your own life. You can get started quickly and this doesn’t need to cost you a penny. You can set a blog up for free at blogger.com here. Once your blog is established you can generate income using banner advertising, textual advertising, guest blog adverts, google adsense along with many other options. It is a good idea however not to place too many adverts on the site as this could deter visitors. Pop up ads should also be avoided if possible.

6) Start your own affiliate based website(s) – Another way to create an income is to set up an affiliate website where you make a commission every time a visitor purchases a product via your website. It can be difficult at the start naturally as you need to start building up traffic and visitors to make this a viable income stream. Pick a website name that is the keyword for the product you are promoting. If you aren’t a developer you can purchase a ready made affiliate script to sell products. One of the most popular affiliate programs is to sell products from Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk. You can even get a free script to do all the work for you. For a basic script you can download the Lite version of Associate-O-Matic here. You will need to spend money on web hosting and a domain name for these sites but this isn’t a lot of money. For example you can pick up a UK based domain name for around £2.99 a year. Domain hosting costs around 10 dollars a year and this will allow you to host many websites. Once you get one site generating an income you can rinse and repeat by creating other websites in different niches selling different affiliate products.

7) Promote CPA and CPL campaigns – You can generate a healthy income if you are able to generate a large amount of leads or sales of products online. CPA advertisers will pay you if you send visitors across to their site and they make a purchase. CPL advertisers will pay you if you provide their website with a lead. Generally a lead will be for the visitor to sign up on their site or fill in a submission form. First you will need to sign up with a quality CPA/CPL network. There are also campaigns that will pay out per click (CPA) to their site from your website. There are a relatively low number of advertisers that use this method but this is worth mentioning. I can highly recommend Webgains.com and MaxBounty from my own experience with CPA.

8) Get cash for your old CDs, DVDs and Games instantly online –  Every year millions of CDs, DVDs and Games are thrown away and they can be worth anything from 30p up to £15. There are actually companies online that will pay you cash for these items. Its as easy as typing in the barcode on the back of the item on to their website to get a quote then mailing them to the company using a FREEPOST service. Once received you will then get a cheque in the post for your items. One reliable company I can vouch for is here. You can sign up with them for free and start making some money.

9) Recycle your old mobile phone online and get cash – Do you have any old mobile phones in your house? Perhaps in a draw somewhere not being used after a recent upgrade. There are many sites on the net that allow you to recycle your old mobile for cash. The site will ask you for the make and model of your phone and then give you a quote of what they will pay. You can then return it via freepost to the company and in return they will pay you by cheque. A site in the UK that provides this service can be found here.

10) Buy and sell domains for profits – You can purchase domains and flip them for profits. Naturally there is a lot of competition in this market. There are services you can use to grab domains that companies forget to renew. These services are referred to as domain catching. You are never guaranteed that the company will catch the domain you are after but if they do not catch the name you don’t have to pay a penny. If they do catch the name the cost is around £30. If you catch a good name this could sell for thousands at resale value using many of the domain auction sites such as sedo.com. A good place to read up about domains in the UK is Acorn Domains forum. In the U.S the best community is DNForum.com.

11) Make money with Twitter – Do you have a twitter account? If so how would you like making money by tweeting now and then using sponsored tweets. An advertiser will pay you to tweet a message to all of your followers. Obviously the more followers you have the more you can charge per tweet. You can sign up for free and get paid for tweets here.

12) Create and sell your own information product online – Do you have experience in a particular subject? Could you write an electronic book that would give others a better understanding of the subject area? Or perhaps you could create a video product and burn on to DVD? For example if you are a computer expert you could write an ebook with step by step instructions of how to build a PC component by component for people interested in doing a self build pc project. It will take several hours to write a good electronic book or video however… Once its finished you can sell it over and over and over again. And the great thing is the product is electronic so there are no costs associated apart from perhaps burning on to a cheap CDR and mailing in the post. Or another option is to only deliver to users via email once they have paid for the product. One place to sell these products is Clickbank. You can get others to sell your product for you and take a percentage of your sale price in return

13) Sell your expertise online – If you can write, develop applications, provide marketing services, or perform any other service then why not offer your service online so companies can hire you for small projects. You can perform these alongside another job and these can supplement your income. There are hundreds of sites online that allow you to do this. I can recommend PeoplePerHour here.

14) Develop a website, make it popular then flip it for cash – If you are a web developer then you can purchase a domain, develop a site to provide a service then spend time making it popular and getting a decent number of visitors. Once the site has regular visitors and is providing an income it will be of interest to many investors who purchase developed domains. A good place to sell developed domains is Flippa.com.

15) Start a Directory in your niche and charge people to list – Create a directory website. There are plenty of free scripts to create one. Select a niche. First add enough listings so the site looks busy. Then start charging companies to list their own services.

16) Sell On Ebay for Others in your community and take a commission – Print out a couple of hundred adverts asking if people have items they want to sell on Ebay for cash with your name and contact number. Post these around your local community. Set up a website for the service also. Take a percentage of what you sell on Ebay. This way you can sell products that you do not own and still make an income.

17) Trade Forex using automated robots – This is a high risk strategy but you can start by using a demo account rather than trading real money. Once you are confident you can use an automated forex robot that will trade on your behalf. Be sure to monitor your account carefully though as there is no guarantee that you wont lose money as with any trading platform. Check out Million Dollar Pips if you are interested in a Forex Robot.

18) Use a Cashback site to get money back everytime you make a purchase – Did you know you can make several hundred pounds a year just by using a cashback site whenever you purchase something online. This can include any service such as breakdown insurance, gas, electric, satellite tv, your grocery shopping etc etc. It will only take you a few extra seconds to purchase via your cashback site so it is worth the effort. I can highly recommend this site as they pay you 100% of your commission unlike other sites like Quidco that take a percentage of your cashback.

19) Park domains that you have not developed – Do you own a portfolio of domain names? If like me you have many domains that have not been developed yet then why not generate an income by signing up to one of the many domain parking websites. These companies will place adverts on your website and will generate you some revenue. The revenue will obviously depend on how much traffic your websites get. I quite like the service provided by Domain Apps. They allow you to tailor the parking so you can also integrate google adsense adverts along with other advertising methods to generate an income. Not bad for a free service.

20) Rent out your parking space for cash using parking rental sites online – Do you have a spare parking space that you are not currently using. Perhaps you have 2 spaces but only own 1 car. Or maybe you have a space but don’t own a car. Then why not sign up with one of the many sites that allow you to rent out your parking space online to others. If you live in a city or near a railway station you can get a nice income by doing this. In the UK you can sign up for free here.

So there we have 20 ways to make money online in 2012. You can download this article here in PDF format so you can archive to read later.

Please feel free to let me know of any other ways to make money online so we can share with others. Id be interested to hear them. Let 2012 be a good year for us all.


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