Debunking the Myth: Do Payday lenders want you to miss your payments?

Each payday or short term lender have their own ways of handling missed payments, but this post isn’t so much about missing a payment, it is about debunking the myth that all payday lenders are horrible loan sharks who love it when you can’t pay, it simply isn’t true. The amount of effort that a payday loan company has to go through to chase that money up is extra-ordinary, so they would much sooner you just paid on time.

What Price is Happiness?

jonHow much money would it take to make you really happy?  £1 million?  £10 million?  £100 million?  It’s a question we’ve all asked ourselves.

The way I look at making money is to firstly decide how much money you need a year. Once you’ve done this all you have to figure out is how to make it all in 1 day… this way you can take 364 days off next year.

Workspace Optimisation Instead of Office Expansion

A short while ago I was considering taking out a substantial business loan to expand the office which was becoming increasingly strained with more employees, more stock, more meeting and break-out areas, etc. Then a colleague suggested, workspace optimisation.

I worked with a local firm (Logic PM, with offices in London and also near me in Kent), who maximised the available workspace and therefore saved me taking out a costly business loan and taking on a huge extension project.

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Succeeding Online with Business with DMC Webinars

Finding a way to succeed online with your business can be a real challenge, especially with intense competition and without comprehensive and a complete training program that will give you the skills needed to get the results you’ve been craving for. I promise that if you read to the end of this article, you will understand what a valuable opportunity you are being offered here.

First, let me ask you some questions:

Are you struggling with getting more clients in your business? Do you find it hard to get more sales? Are you completely lost in the myriad of business opportunities that haven’t led you anywhere but deeper in the financial hole?

Various Binary Options in Australia for You to Trade In

Binary trading is the latest craze in modern age where people get to enjoy ample scope for quick earning through online trading solutions. Open throughout the day, this trading option truly makes for a good choice among people who want to try their luck in this volatile global market of finance and investment. Even though this trading process seems to be quite lucrative and easy to opt for, it is suggested that you take the help of a professional firm or expert in order to learn all about the binary options in Australia <> at its best. Before accepting the challenges of binary trading with the hope of making maximum money, knowing about the basic aspects of this investment is crucially important.

Buy Silver Coins as Part of an Overall Sound Investment Strategy

What constitutes sound investing has changed over the years; especially following the 2007 global financial collapse.  While the stock market has since recovered, many individuals lost their fortunes following the most recent crash and withdrew their investment funds from the stock market.  At the moment, many financial experts believe that the stock market is highly valued.  Considering that bond yields are near record lows, and cash investments slowly lose their value due to the effects of inflation, on the surface, there appears to be very few sound investment options at the moment.  In this writer’s opinion, one of the soundest investments one can make is to buy silver coins.  We’ll highlight below why precious metals in general and silver coins, in particular, make sense in a well balanced investment portfolio.

Pure Leverage Reviews – Is it Really Worth It?

No doubt you’ve been scouring the internet in search of Pure Leverage Reviews. There is a lot of misinformation contained in some of these Pure
Leverage reviews and frankly, it can be quite confusing. Relax! Here is the inside scoop, and answers to the most puzzling questions
so you can make an informed decision. Hold onto your seat… what you learn next may well startle, if not SHOCK you to your CORE!

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