Where to Sell Your Stuff Online in the UK and Ebay Alternatives

Ebay was great when it started out but now when I look at the amount of money it costs to use Ebay you start to realise how much money you’re losing out on. Ebay is eating into my profits and Id rather keep that profit to myself. So this week Ive been looking around at other places to sell stuff online.

First of all lets look at selling 2nd hand CD’s, DVD’s and Games. There are several sites out there that will give you immediate cash for your items. No need to setup an auction or type up a listing. Just a case of entering the bar code on the back of your CD, DVD or Game and then you are presented with an instant cash offer. Obviously this offer will be lower than Ebay or if you were to sell the item yourself elsewhere but it is instant cash. Useful perhaps if you would of given the items away anyway or thrown them out.

So let me just run through the sites I found during my research:

Instant Cash Payment Sites (However Low Pay Outs)

Music Magpiehttp://www.musicmagpie.co.uk – One of the more popular sites. Easy to use but payouts relatively low

CEX Onlinehttp://uk.webuy.com/sell/ –   High Street name online market place. Allows you to sell your items easily

Game – Sell your pre-owned games online. You will be given instant prices and then you just need to ship the games to the address they give you.

Ebay Alternatives – Allowing you to sell your items for higher prices

Amazon Marketplace – Sell items on one of the most powerful market places in the world – Amazon. You have the option of selling privately or registering as a business. They also offer FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon). Essentially this means you can ship all of your stock to an Amazon Warehouse and they will pick, pack and ship the items directly to customers. They will also deal with customer returns etc. Naturally there are charges for this service along with storage charges however it allows you to scale your business fast.

ShpockShpock is a mobile phone app you can download that allows you to sell in your local area. Completely free to list with no fees. Customers pick up the items from you directly.

Facebook Groups – You can search and join local Facebook selling groups. These will allow you to sell items to customers in your local area. Again the customers will pick up and pay in cash so no fees.

EtsyEtsy is especially good for selling art and craft type items or products that are home made. Etsy will charge to list each item and take a percentage of the sale price.

Fruugo – This UK based company Fruugo will market your products to over 20 countries and only charge commissions based on sales. This is restricted to new products however so you need to be running a business.

Flubit – There are no set-up costs, fixed channel fees or commission charges when listing on Flubit. You simply list your lowest price and Flubit may increase the price slightly in order to take their commission. The aim with this site is to sell products for a lower price than can be found on big sites like Amazon. Again you need to be selling as a business as this is for brand new products but definitely worth looking at.

Online Sites for Offline Sales

Gumtreehttp://www.gumtree.com/ – Create a free advert on gumtree to sell your stuff. This means you can keep 100% profit if you sell and buyer can pick item up

Free Ads – http://www.freeads.co.uk/ – Create free classified ads to sell your stuff. Again similar to GumTree. You keep 100% profit

Loot – http://www.loot.com/ – Another popular website to sell your stuff online and take 100% profit offline when it sells.


To conclude. For large bulky items I would suggest using one of the online sites to sell offline such as GumTree , Facebook Groups or Shpock. You then keep 100% of your profits and the buyer will normally collect so there are no postage costs.

For smaller items however my preferred site for selling would be Amazon. This gives me a larger marketplace (the whole of the uk ). Why Amazon? Well.  You can list items for Free under a private account and for as long as you want. Amazon only take a commission if your item sells. This definitely beats Ebay.  When a buyer searches for an item they get a list of buyers that they can choose to purchase from. These include new or used items. You can also decide what price you sell your item so get a far better deal than if you decided to use instant sales sites like music magpie. Amazon also allows you to sell a wide range of items (New or 2nd hand). You arent only restricted to dvd’s, games or cd’s like some other sites.

Im actually using Amazon now as an alternative to Ebay so will let you know what the sales figures are like.

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