Welfare state is all wrong for today’s society

Why are so many school children failing in the system? Why is our Health Service struggling to cope?

The welfare state is a victim of its own success and regrettably is suffering from abuse from those it was not meant to help and support. Too often we hear of people claiming benefit for which they are not entitled. We hear of people who receive more money by staying at home than by going to work.

How could we change all this?

First we need to change the thinking that education, health and benefits are free handouts! We all pay in some way even if it is only by way of VAT on what we buy.

A proposal would be to charge for everything, nothing will be free anymore! If your child goes to school you pay £10 a week to send them. For those who cannot really afford this a system of tax credits will fund them, but they will all still have to pay.

Why could this work? First if Mum and Dad are paying they will make sure that their children get what they have had to pay for and go to school. They will want to see results and ensure the school is providing a good education!

Schools and Universities must be funded partly by results. This would be measured by results in the job market. They must provide students that are equipped for today’s job market so if they leave with the right skills and get a job the college gets paid! In addition commercial finance could be used to help fund schools and universities as certain businesses turn directly to these institutions to provide their future workforce.

Paying for our health? Open up the health service to private enterprise, it is already creeping in anyway. Yes we will all have to pay but this can be done through insurance policies and for those who need help to pay the policies, then this help must be provided by the state. However, it is important that we all feel we are paying for this service and we must have the freedom to take our custom to the provider of our choice.

So, why could this work? Times and thinking have changed! There is a culture in our society of not appreciating the finer points of the welfare state. If we had to put our hand in our pocket and pay we will first decide, do we really want and need what it is we are paying for, and if we do pay for it we will expect it to be right and of good quality!


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