The best coffee gadget of 2008

Aeroccino - The best coffee gadget of 2008

I must admit that I am a coffee addict. I need my caffeine shot on a daily basis to keep me running just like my car needs diesel to run.

One of my gifts this Christmas was a Nespresso Aeroccino. This has to be the best Coffee gadget of 2008.

I like to enjoy a double latte and with this fantastic tool it makes the coffee making process even easier. If you own an espresso machine like myself you will know it takes a few minutes to froth up your milk by hand using the frothing nozzle. At the same time you also need to be aware of the heat of the milk so I normally use a coffee thermometer to make sure the milk is between 60 and 70 degrees.

With the Aeroccino the milk frothing process is as simple as ABC. The Aeroccino has two nozzles available with one to make latte milk and a second nozzle to make cappuccino milk. All you need to do is plug this little device in to the mains then pour in some milk and then press the push button on the outside. It then froths up the milk at the perfect temperature and all within 2 minutes. You wont believe how frothy the milk is. It even has the option to make cold frothy milk for ice coffee for summer.

I have to say I love my new gadget and recommend it to any other caffeine addicts out there.

They are normally sold as a package with a Nespresso coffee machine however you can pick them up individually if you look online. They sell them at Amazon separately here.

With all this talk about coffee I think I need another latte…..

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