Reduce your satellite TV costs

Heres a tip to reduce your sky tv costs but still enable you to watch Movies etc. You can pay a fortune for sky tv (roughly around £50 a month for the larger package).

I noticed that the movies on sky were repeated (over and over and over). It was becoming frustrating paying that extra £18 a month to sky when all i was getting was a movie id seen several weeks before on the same sky movies channel.. I decided to look around.

I decided to call sky and cancel sky movies (a saving of £18 a month). Then I went to work to find other sources for movies.

DVD online movie rental is great. The bonus is that you get to choose what movie you watch and are not tied down to a tv schedule. You can also keep the dvd’s as long as you want and pop them back in the post when you are finished (free postage).

After reviewing several sites I opted for

This site gives you a huge range of the latest movies delivered to your door efficiently. Ive been using them for over a year now. I opted for a package of around £14.99 a month. This is actually cheaper than I was paying with sky.. Im allowed to have 3 dvd’s at home at anytime. So I normally watch 3 dvd’s a week and send them back giving me around 12 dvd movies a month. I only normally watch movies at weekends so this is fine for me. Some people may opt for the cheaper packages. The great thing is you are in control of the movies you watch and its cheaper than sky tv… You can also pause your account if you dont want to watch any movies for a few months which of course freezes your payments. Its very flexible.

Another option is to use the dvd’s you have at home that you have watched and start trading with other members online. Theres a great site that allows you to do this called Xiddi. Xiddi is an innovative new site for trading (exchanging) DVDs online with other members. Since the DVDs are all owned by users rather than a central organisation, there are no rental or transaction charges. In fact, users only have to pay for postage for each DVD traded. Now this a great way to minimise costs…. :-)

How does it work then?
Well, The first thing you do is go shopping and build a list of films that you would like to watch – this list is called your ‘Wanted list’. Once Xiddi matches a request, the owner of that DVD will then post it directly to you for you to enjoy. Fantastic huh..

At this point, the DVD belongs to you and you can keep it for as long as you want. However, once you have watched it, you may choose to re-list the DVD on Xiddi and thus complete the sharing cycle. If you do this, you will be expected to package, address and post the DVD to another member in the same way that they did it for you.

Theres also the option of watching some TV programs online although we arent quite there yet in terms of quality. There are however some exciting projects on their way such as the project being worked on by the finders of skype. The founders of skype are launching a new internet tv named Joost. This could change the whole way that tv viewing works.

You can watch many movies for free at

This site is packed with movies you can watch online. The problem is a lot of these are old movies (especially the free ones). You can sign up for a greater selection. I admit ive never signed up for a paid membership but have a look at the free movies and see what you think.
Currently there is a great offer valid until January 2008 where you get 4 weeks free movie rental and you have a chance to win 100k
4 weeks Free DVD Rentals, plus entry into MyMovieStream’s £100K “Everyone’s a Winner” Draw.
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