Millionaires, Longevity And Anti Aging

Have you ever wondered if having a lot of money can help you live longer? The answer to that question is it depends. You see if you are a millionaire and going for the wild rock star lifestyle then maybe having too much money to spend on drugs, alcohol and all kinds of nefarious things is bad for your longevity. Having all the money and the time to get drunk and party everyday can lead to all kinds of health problems some are physical and the most damaging generally are psychological.

Partying and living la vida loca for too long can lead to all kinds of addictions including those to drugs alcohol and can even cause depression. Although if you are going to be an addict it is better to have the money to take care of it than be poor and be forced to slide into a life of crime. In this case clearly money is not helping longevity.

Still if you are a millionaire who is health conscious then money can help you stay healthier longer. Let me explain; with enough money one can afford only to eat the best organic meats and produce. Organic products can cost up to 5 times the price of chemically treated foods. Also having financial stability can help keep the stress away of not having to worry about the next paycheck.

Millionaires can also opt for expensive anti aging products and therapies. For instance it is very popular amongst the stars of Hollywood all millionaires I might add to use all kinds of products and treatments to keep there youthful look. Take for instance human growth hormone a very expensive anti aging treatment. HGH is a hormone that is touted as the closest thing to a fountain of youth that is available today. The reason HGH injections like Humatrope, Genotropin, Saizen and Norditropin is not so rampantly used is because of the high cost of obtaining them. Based on info collected from HGH Help the monthly cost of an HGH regimen can run into the thousands of dollars which really makes it out of reach of the commoner. Although the average person could use HGH supplements like Genf20 Plus, Sytropin, Provacyl and GHR1000, the injection form of Human growth hormone is believed to be more efficient. For more on HGH supplements like Genf20 plus read more..

In conclusion having a lot of money can be a double edged sword; if you use your money wisely to promote a healthier lifestyle by eating healthy, exercising and taking advantage of the latest anti aging breakthroughs then money could help you stay healthier longer. However if you want to lead a crazy life, too much money could lead to your early demise.

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