Millionaire Saves Planet by buying large chunks of Argentina, Chile

The American multimillionaire who founded the North Face and Esprit clothing lines says he is trying to save the planet by buying bits of it.

First Douglas Tompkins purchased a huge chunks of southern Chile, and now he’s hoping to save the northeast wetlands of neighboring Argentina. He has snapped up more than half a million acres (200,000 hectares) of the Esteros del Ibera, a vast Argentine marshland teeming with wildlife.

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Millionaire Invests in the Planet

Now thats what I call putting your cash back into society. Not gambling it away or self investment. I believe there is always room for anyone in this world to donate money to charity no matter how much you earn. It doesnt matter what your background is we can all afford to help others. And in most cases helping others pays off and improves your reputation and gives you a sense of purpose.

Well done Douglas.

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