Millionaire Mind and Making Money Blog Carnival No. 1

Welcome to the December 12, 2008 edition of millionaire mindset and making money blog carnival.

Today Id like to highlight some interesting blog articles that will allow you to increase wealth and think with a Millionaire Mindset.

KCLau presents How to manage monthly cash flow posted at KCLau’s Money Tips, saying, “This post is contributed by Relax, the blog author of Wise Curve – get smarter every day!

I feel honoured to contribute a post on KC Lau’s blog. He’s one of my multi talented role models so I count myself lucky to be his net friend. Now let’s talk about money and how to manage cash flow.”

Erica Douglas presents Join Bukisa – Make Passive Income posted at LittleMummy.Com.

Fiona King presents 101 Fascinating Brain Blogs | OEDb posted at OEDb: Online Education Database.


Don presents Is it better to pay off student loans quickly? posted at D.P. Lawson, saying, “If you find yourself asking “Should I pay off my student loans quickly or over time”, then this article is for you. The article discusses whether it’s better to pay off student loans quickly or make the minimum payment month after month.”


Lane Wright presents Forex with as little as $10 posted at Awesome Forex Alerts.

JCL presents How To Succeed In The Face Of Failure And Discouragement posted at The Real Estate Investing Journey, saying, “What separates those who are successful in investing from those who aren’t. You must learn to manage your emotions or they will manage you, and they aren’t a good guide.”

The Shark Investor presents You Have The Potential To Raise 100 Times More Money Than You Do Now posted at The Shark Investor, saying, “A courageous look at making wealth”

Relax presents Let’s talk about money posted at The Wise Curve, saying, “The good news is that being rich is not really difficult because it is just a state of mind.”

Tristan presents Trade your way to financial freedom posted at Find Financial Freedom, saying, “A quick easy to understand lesson on how to trade your way to financial freedom, by investing the excess profits generated within your business.”

Make money online

Fatty presents Moving Average Crossover: Theory posted at Fatty Fat Fat, saying, “I built an autotrader. This discussion of theory analyzes market data and discusses the place of such strategies as a mechanism for wealth creation”

Amanda Dry presents How I Make Money On the Internet posted at Ashley’s Picks, saying, “Lots of ways to earn some extra cash on the net.”

Kathleen Gaga presents Street Smarts Marketing & Promotions: Recession proof your business with teleseminars posted at Street Smarts Marketing & Promotions, saying, “Why is it that some people are thriving during these uncertain economic times, while others are struggling? Chances are those that are doing well have diversified their revenue streams; especially on the Internet.

It’s amazing how many ways there are to legitimately make money on the Internet. You can sell eBooks, eReports, coaching service, teleseminars and more.

Learn why teleseminars are one of the best ways to recession proof your business.”

Welly Mulia presents 2 Proven Ways To Build Your List Fast posted at Internet Business Make Money Online With Welly Mulia.

Welly Mulia presents HTML Or Text Links? posted at Internet Business Make Money Online With Welly Mulia.

Millionaire mindset

millionaireblog presents Take a controlled risk and avoid becoming stuck in a rut posted at millionaire blog

Donald Latumahina presents Diversify Your Income to Prevent Financial Problems posted at Life Optimizer.

Sam presents Become a Millionaire posted at Surfer Sam and Friends, saying, “New Free News Online
How to Be a Millionaire
It Doesn’t Take a Lot of Money
The Four-Hour Workweek
The Four-Hour Workweek, a new book by Timothy Ferriss, is for people who were not born rich, people who want more free time and want to live like a millionaire. The most entertaining part of the book is the author’s own work history and the way he created his own business for himself.
Named must your fear be before banish it you can.
–Yoda from Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back
Are you a wage slave working 8 to 5 in a job that doesn’t fulfill you? Are you tied to a job for the next 40 years until you can retire? For most of us, the dream job is the job that takes up the least time. Happiness comes when we escape the boredom of our daily routine. Ferriss says that most people don’t want to be millionaires for the money itself. What people want is to experience the millionaire lifestyle, with champagne and caviar, exotic travel, and exotic adventures. So how can you live the millionaire lifestyle without actually having the big bucks? Ferriss suggests that you rework your plans to include a mini retirement regularly in between periods of work. The goal is to combine fun and profit. He calls this lifestyle the New Rich.
The New Rich”

Helen Trump presents Best in Social Media – December 5, 2008 posted at Social Marketing by Michelle MacPhearson, saying, “Blog about the best in Social Media in today’s internet business world”

Joseph presents what is passive residual income? posted at Penny Pinching.

Money saving tips

millionaireblog presents Christmas shopping tips for 2008 posted at millionaire blog

Wenchypoo presents Timely Rerun: The Importance of Research and the Art of Negotiation posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo’s Mental Wastebasket.

Credit Shout presents Best Cash Back Credit Cards posted at CreditShout.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of millionaire mindset and making money online using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

Thats all for this week ladies and gentleman I will be reviewing further personal finance articles next week at the same time. Thank you for this weeks interesting finance articles.

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