Millionaire Mind and Making Money Blog Carnival No. 9

Welcome to this weeks edition of the Millionaire Mind and Making Money Online Blog Carnival. Id like to thank all of my fellow finance and investment bloggers for this weeks fantastic collection of articles.

This week Id like to start by presenting an article over at Money Tipper Re-Evaluate Your Asset Allocation as You Age posted at Money Tipper.

Credit Card Addict presents What to Do if Your Credit Card or Wallet is Stolen posted at CreditAddict.

nickel presents How to Choose an Online Savings Account posted at

Simon Stapleton presents How To Find Work in Your Dream Organization Using Facebook And LinkedIn | posted at Career & Personal Development for CIOs, Technical Professionals and Self-Professed Geeks, saying, “By combining your LinkedIn profile with Facebook ads, you’ll discover an effective way of getting yourself in front of potential employers who use Facebook (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?) It’s a guerrilla job-hunting tactic that enables you to search the hidden job market and find or even create the best jobs before they hit the job sites.”


David presents Clean Up Your Credit Score (Part 2) posted at Personal Finance Ology, saying, “Follow 5 easy steps to improve your credit score, so you can qualify for the low interest rates you deserve!”


The Shark Investor presents Strategies For Raising Funds: Borrow Your Way To Wealth posted at The Shark Investor, saying, “How and when to use loans for investing”

[email protected]. presents Gold Investing | Chihuaha Investing posted at Gold Investing, saying, “In difficult times like these, people are turning to gold. What are the pros and cons of gold investing?”

FIRE Getters presents Improve Your Financial Luck by Incorporating posted at FIRE Finance.

The Smart Gambler presents Suggestions For Poker Trip Locations posted at Poker and Gambling Advice, saying, “Some suggestions if you are visiting the USA on a poker trip.”

Make Money Online

cfgoulart presents Google AdSense Tips – AdSense How To Series posted at Making Money Resources, saying, “Tips for increasing your earnings using Google’s AdSense.”

Patrick @ Cash Money Life presents How to Start a Blog for Fun or Profit: Hosted vs. Self-Hosted posted at Cash Money Life, saying, “Part of an ongoing series on how to start a money making blog.”

Patrick @ Money Saving Deals presents GoDaddy Coupon Codes posted at Cash Money Life Deals, saying, “Use GoDaddy promo and coupon codes when buying your web real estate.”

Liz presents Want to Get Rich Quick Online? posted at All About Web Business.

Leanie Belle presents 4 Steps To Effective Forum Marketing posted at Internet Business Make Money Online With Welly Mulia.

MyMaria presents Why Blog Earnings are not Passive Income (But I’m Still Blogging) posted at Residual Income Web, saying, “Blogs can make money, but they aren’t passive income. Here’s why I blog anyway.”

Leanie Belle presents 1 Simple Reason Why Nobody Wants To Buy Your Product posted at Internet Business Make Money Online With Welly Mulia.

Mike Lares presents Poker Articles About Online Poker Rooms posted at online poker, saying, “You love to play poker but you hate to lose money, especially when the hands you have been dealt lately have been pretty bad.”

Raily Arena presents Make Money Online with a Scrapbooking Business posted at Make Money Easy Online.

Richard Adams presents Niche Marketing Wizard Launch Contest posted at No More Compromise.

Fred Black presents You Can’t be a Beacon if Your Light Don’t Shine (Why You Don’t Want Eeyore as Your Marketing Guy!) posted at Fred Black: Internet Business Blog..

Robert Hazlewood presents How To Get Started Finding Legit Survey For Money Websites posted at Ways to Survive Life, saying, “Get started making money online with marketing companies. This guide shows you how get started now!”

Rob presents Is It Really Possible To Create A High Traffic Blog posted at Quickfire Blogging, saying, “But the revolutionary thing about blogs was that it afforded people to elaborate their views or display their literary skill or any other such fondness and in turn make new friends with people of similar or different passions.”

Ziki presents Youtube Spam posted at Make Money with Youtube.

Niels Hoven presents SEO Keyword Analysis: How to Use Data Visualization to Make it Quick and Easy posted at Official Blog of Tableau Software.

Raily Arena presents Make Money Online with Blogging posted at Make Money Easy Online.

Millionaire Mindset

Isaac Yassar presents How To Make A Shining First Impression posted at Isaac Yassar’s Overture, saying, “his article will share you how to establish a successful communication by providing a marvelous first impression, which is very useful for you no matter what your field is. I’ve try this myself and it works really nice. Interested? Read on..”

Money Saving Tips

Insurance Toolbox presents How to Haggle at Major Retail Stores such as Best Buy & Home Depot | Fine-Tuned Finances posted at Fine-Tuned Finances.


BankMan presents Is Online Banking Safe? posted at High Yield Savings Accounts, saying, “Tips for safely banking and investing online – keep people out of your online investment and savings accounts.”

Brian McKay presents CD Rates posted at, saying, “Finding a decent rate on a certificate of deposit account these days isn’t an easy thing to do. CD rates have been coming down so fast recently the average 12 month CD rate is nearing just 2.00%.”

That concludes this edition folks. Thank you to all of this weeks bloggers for this fantastic collection of articles.

Please feel free to submit your blog article to the next edition of millionaire mind and making money online using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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