Millionaire Mind and Making Money Blog Carnival No. 7

Welcome to this weeks Millionaire Mind and Making Money Blog Carnival.

Since we last spoke the weather in the UK has become miserable. On Monday and Tuesday this week snow brought London to a standstill with the London Buses being completely cancelled. The UK can deal with anything but when it comes to snow the whole country falls apart. Its still Icy cold and more snow is expected for this weekend.

Anyway to get back on track Id like to introduce some fantastic articles from my fellow financial and money making bloggers this week that should help guide you through the ongoing global recession.

To start Id like to introduce an article from Deposit Accounts who presents Savings Accounts for Children posted at Deposit Accounts.

Andy presents Video – Use Blog Carnival & get FREE Targeted Traffic posted at Personal Hack, saying, “In this video I show you how to use blog carnival and get tons of free targeted traffic along with higher search engine rankings.”

Patrick @ Cash Money Life presents How to Become A Millionaire posted at Cash Money Life, saying, “A step by step plan on how to become a millionaire.”

Patrick Meninga presents How to Make Passive Income posted at Passive Income, saying, “Specific examples of ways that you can make passive income. How to set up some passive income streams so that you have additional income each month. How to grow your passive income streams so that they eventually replace your day job income.”

Andy presents Risky Advertising? posted at Personal Hack, saying, “Watching the super bowl right now, mostly for the commercials ;) What’s your favorite one? I gotta admit the beer commercials and other risky or contravertial ones always entertain me the most, however I realize that some might find them offensive, but what can I say I’m a sucker for controversy.”

Andy presents Business Ideas Are Worthless posted at Personal Hack, saying, “Often when starting a business one is very concerned with his/her great new business ideas, sometimes even tries to keep it a secret and not share it so it’s not stolen. I used to think the exact same way but then one day I realized that business ideas are worthless. Here is why…”

Martin Russell presents What is Tipster Marketing? posted at Word of Mouth Marketing, saying, “When the cab driver taking you to your hotel starts chatting, and you end up getting a recommendation for a great place to eat… that’s tipster marketing.”


David presents The Basics of Interest: Part 1 posted at Personal Finance Ology, saying, “Learn everything that you need to know about interest rates before you sign on the dotted line.”


Silicon Valley Blogger presents $50 Sign Up Bonus When You Open A TradeKing Account posted at The Digerati Life, saying, “Thank you — I offer a review of TradeKing.”

The Smarter Wallet presents Charting Stock Movements With Fibonacci Trading Techniques posted at The Smarter Wallet, saying, “Thanks!”

Jim presents Best CD (Certificate of Deposit) Rates posted at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity.

BankMan presents Why You Need a High Yield Savings Account posted at High Yield Savings Accounts, saying, “Use a high yield savings account to reduce investment volatility, smooth your investment returns, and stash your cash while waiting to invest it elsewhere for better returns.”

Jim presents Best Money Market Account (MMA) Rates posted at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity.

Make Money Online

Leo D presents Internet Marketing and the Case for Remarkable Content posted at Strategic Internet Marketing Blog.

Paul Gallion presents Get Your 10 Instant Affiliate Video Businesses posted at Paul Gallion, saying, “10 Instant Affiliate Video Businesses”

Osman presents 3 Bad Things About Most PLR Video Products posted at No Hype…No Fluff…No B.S. ! Marketing Product Reviews And Info.

supermom_in_ny presents How to Make Money With a People Search Engine posted at Getting Out of Debt, saying, “This is an excellent way to make money on autopilot. When you advertise on Google and Yahoo, you don’t have to do much else. This is better than blogging.”

Millionaire Mindset

Wenchypoo presents Rethink the Value of College posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo’s Mental Wastebasket.

Sam presents Living Rich !! Extravagant Lifestyles of the Wealthy Entertainers, Athletes and Business Moguls. Millionaires and Billionaires. Surfer Sam posted at Surfer Sam and Friends, saying, “The Rich are Different From You and Me. Old money is inherited money. New money, the New Rich, is self-made money. It includes company founders with equity fortunes, and top CEOs with mega salaries, bonuses and stock options. Together, Old Money and New Money people make up the richest 1% in the U.S, the Ultra-Rich.

Money Saving Tips

Patrick @ Military Money presents Money Management and Money Saving Tips posted at Military Finance Network, saying, “Money Management and Money Saving Tips -”

Lauren Rose presents Never Use Copy Paste for Your Credit Card Number and Internet Explorer | No Debt Anymore .org posted at No Debt Anymore .org, saying, “Under certain circumstances, your clipboard contents from a copy and paste command can be stolen from the Internet. And that includes your credit card number!”

News Stories

Raymond presents Second Stimulus Check For Obama 2009 Economic Stimulus Package? posted at Money Blue Book.


Joe Manausa presents Tallahassee Foreclosure Report | Tallahassee Real Estate Blog posted at Tallahassee Real Estate Blog, saying, “There is plenty of news in the national media about foreclosures. From everything that I have read, I suspect for every 100 foreclosures that have and will hit the real estate market during our current housing crisis, we have only seen 2 or 3. The bulk of the foreclosures have yet to hit the market.”

And we come to the end of another edition.  I hope you enjoyed reading. Id also like to thank all the bloggers who put forward their articles this week. We will be having another blog carnival next week at the same time.

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