Millionaire Mind and Making Money Blog Carnival No. 10

Welcome to this weeks edition of millionaire mind and making money online blog carnival on the millionaire blog. Id like to introduce some great articles from my fellow financial and money making bloggers to help you through the current global recession.

Let me start with Nickel who presents How to Claim the First-Time Homebuyer Tax Credit posted at

Dave presents Make Money Uploading Photos posted at Cheapo Groovo.

Martin Russell presents Marketing Bad Luck posted at Word of Mouth Marketing, saying, “I have just come back from Melbourne, Victoria. Great to be there for the live event, and to meet everyone (including a few of my subscribers too whom I had never met before.) But the whole event had a slightly different atmosphere, because Victoria has just gone through Australia’s worst ever natural disaster.”

Shaun Connell presents How to Pick a Niche posted at Make Money Online, saying, “Before you get a website, you have to find your niche. A “niche” is a specific topic that you’ll base your entire website on. The topic might be “financial planning” or “baseball” or “knitting.” Regardless of the topic you choose (it can be anything) it needs to meet a few common criteria.”

Simon Stapleton presents How To Become a Highly Paid IT Professional (And Be Rich) | posted at Career & Personal Development for CIOs, Technical Professionals and Self-Professed Geeks, saying, “Most of us want to be rich. At least rich enough so that we can make our own choices of who we work with, when we work and how we work. How about you?”


Insurance Toolbox presents How to Legitimately Make a Living from Your Home without Being a Victim of “Work At Home” Scams posted at Fine-Tuned Finances.


Michael Cohen presents Even If We Are The Next Japan, Stocks Arent Necessarily A Short posted at Stock Investment, saying, “There’s a good chance our economic future will mirror Japan’s Lost Decade. Even so, stocks aren’t necessarily a sell at today’s levels.”

Nate presents Can You Qualify for a Car Loan? posted at Car Loan Tips, saying, “The pros and cons of investing in art.”

Ozone presents Casino Incompetence posted at Online Poker Strategy, saying, “Many American casinos are on the verge of bankruptcy. While the recession is a major factor, the root of the problem often lies in their incompetent management.”

Manshu presents Gold Funds – Expense Ratios and Minimum Investments posted at OneMint, saying, “There are several mutual funds and ETFs that offer avenues to invest in gold. This article provides a list of such mutual funds along with their minimum investment and expense ratios.”

Finance Tips 101 presents Why Take The Risk Of Day Trading posted at Finance Tips 101.

Jeff Arthur presents Forex trading signal provider: posted at My Blue Collar Hedge Fund.

Silicon Valley Blogger presents Zecco vs TradeKing: Which Online Stock Brokerage Account To Choose? posted at The Digerati Life, saying, “Thanks!”

Make Money Online

Viraj Sawant presents Young Make Money Online Blogger Interview – Rajaie Alkorani posted at, saying, “Young Make Money Online Blogger Interview – Rajaie Alkorani”

Patrick @ Cash Money Life presents How to Choose a Profitable Domain Name posted at Cash Money Life, saying, “Part of an ongoing series on how to start a blog for fun or profit.”

Lindsay B. presents How to Drive Traffic to Your Site by Posting in Forums posted at Writing for Your Wealth.

Sponsored Reviews – Get paid to write reviews posted at PaniSphere.

Helen Trump presents Best in Social Media – February 21, 2009 posted at Social Marketing by Michelle MacPhearson, saying, “Know more about the Best in Social Media for February 21, 2009 issue”

ListBuilderLee presents List Building – 3 Breakthrough Steps To A Responsive Subscriber List posted at Build Your List For Free!, saying, “List Building – 3 Breakthrough Steps To A Responsive Subscriber List
I’ve always been impressed with those people who could build a list of 5,000 subscribers then give up their day job. All because their list was so responsive to any offer they made them.
Then I figured out their secret and boiled it down into 3 easy to follow breakthrough steps.”

Leanie Belle presents 2 Proven Ways To Build Your List Fast posted at Internet Business Make Money Online With Welly Mulia.

Jim DeSantis presents Blogging About Debt Consolidation, Credit, and Financial Topics posted at On Line Tribune | Money Matters Blog, saying, “Debt consolidation, credit repair, and other financial topics,
are some of the most popular blogs and websites on the
Internet. It is little wonder that so many bloggers turn their
attention to dealing with Personal Finance topics.”

Raily Arena presents Cash Those Words: Making Money Online with Your Blog posted at Make Money Easy Online.

Liz presents An Internet Business Plan From Frankenstein? posted at All About Web Business.

sivamin presents STEP3:-Applying for adsense posted at How to Earn Money from net, saying, “How to apply for adsense on your blog and getting approved easily?”

Isaac Yassar presents Keywords In File Names posted at Isaac Yassar’s Overture, saying, “Search Engines are great sources of traffic, that’s why we need search engine optimization (SEO). Keywords are very important parts of it, and they determine the visibility of a website in search results. However, most people do not understand the importance of putting keywords on their posts / page file names, though it is very useful in building search engine traffic. Here is why:”

Paul Gallion presents This will help you build your list while protecting your commissions posted at Paul Gallion, saying, “Use this to protect your commissions”

The Dough Roller presents Everything You Need to Know About Backlinks You Can Learn from Warren Buffett posted at The Dough Blogger, saying, “See what famed investor Warren Buffett can teach us about the value of backlinks.”

Sigrid Landau presents Do You Know How To Earn Money Online Via The Internet posted at A1 How To, saying, “Do you know how to earn money online? With thousands of different ways to make money online, it can be a daunting task figuring out which way you want to go.”

Raily Arena presents It Pays to Inspire: How to Be Everyone’s Favorite Legitimate Online Coach « Make Money Easy Online posted at Make Money Easy Online.

Viraj Sawant presents Office time for your internet business posted at, saying, “How To Use Your Office time for building your internet business”

Millionaire Mindset

Relax presents The happy way to spend money posted at The Wise Curve, saying, “we are happier when we spend money to gain experience than buying material goods”

The Investor presents Why a little passive income from a side project is worth a lot more than you think posted at, saying, “Don’t be disheartened if your first passive income prokects make only a small amount of cash. Passive income is the stuff of dreams, so it’s no surprise it’s hard to get hold of.”


KCLau presents How to Refinance your Home Loans Smartly posted at KCLau’s Money Tips, saying, “Lists several reasons why home owners would benefit from switching their loans to a new loan with lower interest rates”


jim presents High Interest Savings Accounts Profiles posted at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity.

BankMan presents Limit Six Savings Account Withdrawals Per Month posted at High Yield Savings Accounts, saying, “Be careful when making withdrawals from online bank accounts – too many can cause extra fees!”

jim presents » Health Insurance Plan Types posted at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity.

Brian McKay presents Savings Account posted at, saying, “Finding a decent rate on a savings account isn’t an easy thing to do these days. Savings account rates have been decreasing for over a year now, falling as fast as the economy”

That concludes this edition of millionaire mind and making money online. Please feel free to submit your articles for our next edition by using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page. Thank you for this weeks contributions.

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